Netflix royalty is in sight for the cast of ‘The Crown’


Netflix’s first UK based series ‘The Crown’ has succeeded in casting quite a regal cast to helm the story of Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill’s post-war Britain. With the talents of John Lithgow (“Dexter”), Claire Foy (“Crossbones” and “Wolf’s Hall”), and Matt Smith (“Doctor Who”), ‘The Crown’ is sure to be a smashing success. “The Crown”, Netflix states, “tells the story of two of the most famous addresses in


Are Pop Icons Symbols Of Modern Sainthood?


In times of trouble, Mother Mary doesn’t comfort me. Instead, I’m visited with visions of John Mitchell from BBC’s Being Human, Raymond “Red” Reddington from NBC’s The Blacklist, and Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. While I wouldn’t claim them as saints (they would most likely claim the title of sinners), I do see these characters as icons, marking important places in my life with words of wisdom, comfort, or


Oh, How The Tables Have Turned In Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black


Orange Is The New Black is turning the tables on us — and possibly pulling the rug out from under our feet. Season Three’s focus on faith and community shines a new light on some of our favorite and least favorite characters, and I’m not sure who’s who anymore. Remember how we all felt about Pennsatucky? Or Bennett? Or Soso, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes”, or Sophia? Well, it’s more complicated this


Jurassic World Is A Loving Homage Despite A Few Hiccups

Jurassic World

It’s always a toss-up whether a long-awaited sequel will measure up to the original — lately, however, we’ve been lucky enough to return to the worlds of Mad Max and the Jurassic and experience the magic and nostalgia of the first stories while being treated to new, exciting chapters. While Jurassic World didn’t quite measure up to the beautiful badassery of Mad Max:Fury Road, it definitely upped the ante of