Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – It’s Personal This Time


“Do you want to know the oldest lie in America, Senator? It’s that power can be innocent.” With one statement, Lex Luthor calls into question decades of actions and supposed trustworthiness of a super heroes. Can we really trust those in power? Should we? And if we can’t – what can we trust? Many critics decided early on that “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” would fall flat on its


The Nasty Taste of Neo Liberal Economic Policy


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to not be able to brush your teeth? Have you ever wondered what you would do if you could not bathe, or turn on the tap and have a nice cool drink of water? What would it be like to be unable to cook a meal for your family because turning on the faucet yields a brown, foul smelling liquid?


A “Casual” Look At Modern Relationships


If you combined the raw, intense emotion of “Orange Is The New Black” and the wry, snide humor of “Community” in a show about family dynamics, you’d get a feel for what Hulu’s original show “Casual” is like. With 10 episodes under its belt, and 13 more on the way, the show is turning into less of a one night binge and more of a steady thing. The show is


The 2016 Election Cycle Has Descended Into Chaos — Here’s Why

Protestors and Trump supporters clashed violently at a planned Chicago rally

If we’re completely honest with ourselves, this election season is a mess. The messiness is a result of several converging factors, chief among them the voter suppression efforts and the Donald Trump effect. Recent voter suppression legislation is a direct backlash against the diverse electorate that turned out for the 2008 presidential election. Since then states across the country have passed measures making it increasingly difficult for vulnerable populations to