A “Casual” Look At Modern Relationships


If you combined the raw, intense emotion of “Orange Is The New Black” and the wry, snide humor of “Community” in a show about family dynamics, you’d get a feel for what Hulu’s original show “Casual” is like. With 10 episodes under its belt, and 13 more on the way, the show is turning into less of a one night binge and more of a steady thing. The show is


The 2016 Election Cycle Has Descended Into Chaos — Here’s Why

Protestors and Trump supporters clashed violently at a planned Chicago rally

If we’re completely honest with ourselves, this election season is a mess. The messiness is a result of several converging factors, chief among them the voter suppression efforts and the Donald Trump effect. Recent voter suppression legislation is a direct backlash against the diverse electorate that turned out for the 2008 presidential election. Since then states across the country have passed measures making it increasingly difficult for vulnerable populations to


Room: Can We Ever Really Escape Traumatic Experiences?


I was trapped in a room once, for a few days when I was twenty years old. It remains one of my most confusing, terrifying memories to this day. I didn’t know much about “Room” going in except that the main characters had been kidnapped. I wasn’t really prepared to go through those same emotions again, nor to have the same old questions pop up. Will they ever be answered?


IT Crowd vs. Big Bang Theory: Tropes or Characters We Can Relate To


“He just can’t talk to women.” “Why?” “He’s sort of a nerd!” *laugh track* I’ll be honest, I’m not fond of The Big Bang Theory. It gives me the feeling that I’m being laughed at. As a nerd of various and sundry things, I enjoy sharing the things I love with people I know. I’ve introduced people to k-pop, k-dramas, comics, cult classic films, television shows, and memes, often with