The Fashion In Current Television Shows Has Us Nostalgic For The 90’s


I miss the 1990’s. Although born in the late 80’s, I grew up in the decade responsible for shows like Boy Meets World, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Friends. I lived in a colorful world full of stripes, plaids, and florals, jelly shoes, shoelace hairbows, and slap bracelets in every pattern imaginable. I have a very distinct recollection of the 90’s in the form of patterns of wallpaper and


Daredevil Catapults Netflix Into Accessibility Arena


Marvel and Netflix’s recent faux pas of failing to include Audio Description for their newest release, Daredevil, has suddenly thrust them into the Accessibility spotlight. However, this problem isn’t a new one. This is just the latest in a litany of issues facing people with disabilities. It took the irony of the situation, years of groundwork from advocates, and a phalanx of Netflix fans to bring about a change in


Why Do We Insist On Misgendering Transgender Individuals


What if someone insisted on calling you by the wrong name? Day after day, after repeated corrections, they insisted on calling you by a name they think is better suited to you. It begins to affect your sense of self, your self-worth, and your interactions with others, who may take this person’s side over yours. What right do they have to choose who you are? Who knows yourself better than


Orange Is The New Black & The Caste System of Crime


There might not be Netflix in prison, but ‘Orange Is The New Black’ allows Netflix users to see what happens in prison — or at least a fictionalized account of what happened while Piper Kerman was serving her sentence. Although Piper Kerman (Piper Chapman in the series)’s story allows the general audience to see the prison from the perspective of a new entrant into the penal system, the most fascinating