River City Pixels: Alien Isolation


Writing about some of the scariest enemies in gaming reminded me that I needed to get this comic out of my system. I can’t recommend Alien Isolation enough, if you have any sign of taste for sci-fi, survival-horror games, or just a fan of the Alien series, you really really can’t miss this one. Alien Isolation was developed with a lot of respect and love for the source material. Not


The right to privacy and Planned Parenthood


There are so many choices to be made in a given day: skinny jeans or comfy boyfriend cut; a two percent, skim, or whole milk in my latte; go to the movies this weekend or try to get a few phone numbers while out at the bars. We get to choose everything! Who we love, where we live, how we will live, and what we spend our money on start


Will Someone Please #SaveOtherSpace?


What if you combined the social awkwardness of “The Office,” the boundless enthusiasm of “Parks & Recreation,” and the space exploration of “Star Trek”? You’d have Paul Feig’s Other Space — Yahoo! Screen’s hilarious, spot-on original eight episode series about a spaceship crew who probably would have been red shirts on someone else’s ship. Paul Feig, known for the cult classic TV show “Freaks and Geeks” delivers an incredibly thoughtful


Empire, Scandal and Representations of Black Americans on TV


There was a post making the rounds on Facebook recently that pointed to the shows “Empire” and “Scandal” as reinforcing negative images of black people. I’ve seen memes calling “Empire” propaganda and coonery. People accuse its creator, Lee Daniels, of trying to promote a homosexual agenda, and point to both shows as damaging to the fabric of black America. But how often do we see shows about black wealth and