Terminator: Genisys And The Power Of Choice


I went into Terminator: Genisys thinking that it would be a typical summer action film, light on philosophy and character and heavy on the action and explosions. The film itself is rather a dazzling mix of both, and surprisingly solid as a part of the series (or indeed, a stand-alone story). I came away with a new appreciation for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his character’s link to Sarah and John Connor.


What Christianity and Celebrity Have In Common


Yesterday I attended an Andy Warhol exhibit with a friend who has shared some similar life experiences with me in terms of faith and family, which is to say, we have stepped away from both in order to be healthier, happier, saner people. Andy Warhol’s unique dichotomy of celebrity and individuality, dark and light, masks and true faces got me thinking on the similarities between Christianity (as it is the


‘Mr. Holmes’ Completes Sherlock’s Character Arc At Last


Sir Ian McKellan’s Mr. Holmes has done something no other rendition of the classic detective has ever managed to do: give Sherlock a heart. While the crime-solver is known for his intellect, his dispassionate approach to victims and villains alike, and his association with Dr. Watson, who serves as our way into the great man’s puzzle solving mind, this has nearly always produced a flat, one dimensional character that, while


The Lasting Impact of Civil Rights Icon, Julian Bond


I hate the feeling of sticky hands, whether from too much pancake syrup, candy, old nail polish, super glue in a tube that you can’t control—I just don’t like it. One thing is for sure, when something sticky gets on you, there isn’t much you can do. You are literally fixated on ‘un- sticking’ yourself until you finally can. I have found some people to be like that as well.