Letter to Hulu’s CEO: I Don’t Get It

Dear Hulu,

In theory, your business proposition is terrific. It’s high time for reliable streaming, high-definition, on-demand television.

But in practice, you fail to deliver on that promise.

You don’t offer every episode of every season for every show in your catalogue. Why? That is the essence of what on-demand television viewers want—all of it, whenever I want it. That’s why we are willing to pay…full access. That is the promise of your brand, but it is not what you offer.

Another question. Your paid service, HuluPlus, offers this limited television content…with commercials. Huh? I’m willing to pay for your service like I might pay for a cable network or exclusive website content. You make money from my membership fee. You still need that ad revenue, too?

All things considered, it seems like my DVR offers a far more useful solution…as would a pay-per-view solution, or Amazon.com or Netflix.

When Netflix offers a television series, they offer all or most of its seasons commercial-free. That reliability sustains their customer base and makes acquisition of new content possible. PPV and TiVo reward my purchase with no commercial interruptions. Amazon provides all of the above. These companies have built a brand promise that delivers.

Please help me understand, before I cancel my HuluPlus membership, why I need you, why I should not feel disappointed in your service…how what you promise and what you deliver is aligned.

This user’s experience has been that Hulu is not a serious content provider.


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