Doctor Who: The Return of Season 7

I want to be clever and come up with some awesome opening line to really grab your attention.

But really, I just have two words for you…

Doctor Who.

There, if you aren’t hooked by now I don’t know if you ever will be.

Like past seasons of Doctor Who, the BBC has divided the season up into two parts, with the second part premiering March 30th at 8/7c. WARNING: THIS ARTICLE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS (yes, that last bit said in River Song’s voice.)

DhlXbWhere we last left the Doctor was in the Christmas special, “Doctor Who and the Snowmen.” He’d been living in his TARDIS, on a cloud, and pretty much ignoring the world below. He’s still mourning the loss of his two best friends (Amy and Rory – and no one really knows where River Song floated off to). He’s completely withdrawn. That is, until he meets (or re-meets) Clara. Viewers first met Clara (aka Soufflé Girl) in the “Asylum of the Daleks” episode at the beginning of the first half of season seven. So, she died at the end of “Asylum,” and pretty much surprised viewers (in the best way possible) when she showed back up again in the Christmas episode. The Doctor, clever as he is, (since he never met her face-to-face the first time they met) doesn’t connect the dots regarding who she is until after she’s died. Her final words, both times, being, “Run you clever boy. And remember.”

So why am I so excited about the premier/continuation of season seven? Great question. Sure, I like Matt Smith as the Doctor. But, I was never the biggest fan of Amy as his companion. She was fun but, to me, never measured up to Donna or Rose. However, with only having seen two episodes with Clara, I think she might be in the running for my new favorite companion. She has chemistry with the Doctor (which I never thought River really had with 11), and she is so brilliant and clever. She will be a match for 11 – and that’s a fantastic (said in 9’s voice) thing. Also, as you will see in the two previews below, she is a mystery that the Doctor is pretty hell bent on solving. Where Amy was “the girl who waited”, Clara is “the impossible girl.” Steven Moffat has whetted my appetite and I’m ready for more.  

Hopefully, you will all agree. Below, from our friends at the BBC, is a trailer for the new season as well as a prequel clip for the newest episode, “The Bells of Saint John.”

Armed with a new TARDIS interior, a new companion, and the promise of some pretty scary looking adversaries, I’m so stoked to get to this weekend.

Caroline Whitney

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