The Walking Dead: Season 3 Finale: “Welcome to the Tombs”

So, Season 3 of The Walking Dead has come and gone and we’re left with a significantly different ending than we are used to. Season 1 and 2 of the series both ended quite explosively (Season 1 literally), while Season 3, on the other hand, leaves us on an overtly somber note. I have to admit, though, I wasn’t blown away by the season finale. I know…two explosion puns is enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still incredibly pumped for the next season of The Walking Dead and will continue to eagerly await each new episode, but I do have a few bones to pick. If you haven’t managed to watch one of the three showings that have been aired on premiere night, then I suggest not moving any further in this article. There will be **SPOILERS** ahead!

The Walking Dead Season 3 FinaleAs many of you know, each season of The Walking Dead begins by introducing a few new characters that ultimately serve the purpose of Walker food, then each episode will slowly build up to an event that we all know is coming. Each season we anxiously await this event because even though we know it won’t happen till the end, we expect it to happen in each new episode, anyway. It’s like we forget that there is still half a season to fill and there is no way they’d blow their load that early. This season, the battle of the communities was inevitable and the main topic of discussion was “Who the hell is going to kill the Governor and how the hell are they going to do it?”


Well, don’t get too excited. Sure, the Governor doesn’t die and sure we have no idea as to his whereabouts, but honestly, what did you expect? He’s become way too big of a character and the perfect anti-hero, especially in light of Rick’s recent change of heart from his previous “this isn’t a democracy” perspective from the end of the 2nd Season. That seems to be the point of the end of this episode actually, to separate Rick from the Governor as much as possible. This whole season we have been given glimpses of the Governor’s madness, but this episode finally tears down the wall to reveal the whole picture.

The Walking Dead Season 3 FinaleAfter what proves to be a very anti-climactic and disappointing assault on the prison, the Governor sees fit to mow down the townspeople on the assault team in cold blood. My first thought was the normal “my God, this is horrible”, but that thought was quickly followed by “doesn’t everybody there have guns too? Somebody just pull the trigger and point one at the man.”

My disappointment came from the fact that this was the last time we saw the Governor for the season. He massacres a field of people before casually climbing into a car with his two remaining lackeys and driving off. No intense standoff between him and Rick. Nothing. Even at the prison, the only two main characters we see firing a gun are Maggie and Glenn. Part of me felt like I was watching an episode of Heroes again. All this hype and build up just for a mediocre ending that felt more rushed than it did complete.

The episode did end, however, with a little bit of the classic recipe of a Walking Dead season coming into play as Rick and the gang bring in all the remaining survivors of Woodbury into the prison to join them. As I previously mentioned, step one: introduce new characters whose only role is to eventually be killed, and step two: continue to build up anticipation for the Governor’s death. Looks like we got all we need for a 4th Season! Now that we know this, we can expect plenty of deaths early on, so that alone should be enough to come back and keep watching.

The Walking Dead Season 3 FinaleLet’s not forget the 3rd part of a Walking Dead season, the much appreciated death of a frustrating main character. Last season we were treated with the death of Shane, who I mean come on…if anyone deserved to die it was this guy. This season, however, we saw the death of our dear, Andrea. I know I might sound awful for saying this, but my God was I happy to see her go. I can understand and appreciate the humanity and sacrifice she displayed throughout the latter half of this season, but she’s simply been one of those characters where nothing seems to work out as they would like. I felt like I was watching Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents while grinding my teeth as everything that could go wrong, implausibly does. Every episode I found myself slapping my palm to my forehead while proclaiming, “ugh, Andrea!”

Although I’m mainly sharing my disappointment with the season finale, I now digress. The season as a whole has been simply spectacular. The pace definitely quickened since the sluggishness of Season 2. We saw a world-wind of action and suspense throughout the season which began just as fervently. This proves the point that just because one season is slow, you shouldn’t expect the next season to be as well and start a season premiere drinking game with your friends where you take a sip of beer for each time a Walker gets killed and a shot each time there is a dramatic or motivational speech. Please, learn from our mistake! Who knew they were going to spend the whole episode clearing an entire prison of Walkers while giving each other pep-talks?

Anyways, we really have seen some excellent stuff this season, and have been introduced to some very important and memorable characters while sadly losing a few as well. Long live T-Dog! I for one am going to be anxiously counting down the days till the next season and can’t wait for what they have in store for us. I’m giving the season finale a 6.5 but the season itself gets an 8!

Let me know what you thought about The Walking Dead season finale as well as the season as a whole in the comments below. Also, let’s keep speculating. Who the hell is going to kill the Governor and how the hell are they going to do it? Let us know down below!

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