The Man of Steel Has Gone Viral

New Man of Steel Trailer to Be Revealed at the End of 48 Hour Countdown

Man of Steel has gone viral! Again. Back in December, Warner Brothers launched a promotional campaign that revealed an encrypted message that was “reportedly” being tracked by the “Deep Space Radio Wave Project”. The DSRW site allows visitors of the page to collaborate and decode these transmissions. The first onslaught of viral transmissions revealed the second Man of Steel trailer and it seems this new set of transmissions will do the same!

Man of Steel - IncomingFor the past few days, the official website for Man of Steel has been covered in static while slowly revealing an image to its visitors. The image that was eventually rendered proved to be General Zod’s Kryptonian crest. What followed the viral website takeover was the release of a 30-second warning message from General Zod at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. You can check out Zod’s transmitted message here. In it, Zod offers a warning to the people of Earth to give up the Man of Steel since Superman is not one of them but rather an alien fugitive. Zod then proceeds to offer Superman a similar warning: if Superman does not surrender within 24 hours, Earth will suffer the consequences.

The DSRW also received a transmission to compliment Zod’s message last night. When decoded, the transmission reads “You Are Not Alone.” Speculation is out as to what exactly the phrase means and to whom it is directed. Perhaps it is simply a warning to the people of Earth that they are not alone in the universe and that an alien is living among them. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!

The Man of Steel BillboardBut wait! There’s more! Yesterday, a series of billboards began popping up that display either the Superman “S” shield or yet another series of Kryptonian symbols. These symbols are decoded as an IP address that links up to the site which now displays a 48-hour Kryptonian countdown to what we can only assume is the newest Man of Steel trailer.

Personally, I can’t wait! I’m one of those who anxiously awaits any bit of new Man of Steel news (I know, a little pathetic), and I believe we are LONG overdue for a new full length trailer! Us diehards need something to hold us over just a little bit longer.

The countdown ends at roughly 8:20pm EDT/ 5:20pm PDT on Tuesday April 16, 2013. Stay tuned to CultureMass for further updates!

Do you think something more than just a new trailer lies at the end of the 48 hour countdown? Is Warner Brothers’ viral campaign getting you pumped or do you think it’s unnecessary? As always, let us know in the comments below!


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