Bates Motel: “The Truth About Norman”

We left the Bates in something of a dilemma. Every member of the family is confronted by demons, personal and living…in very close proximity.  Deputy Shelby, self-proclaimed protector of his newest toy, Norma, still has Keith Summers tool belt hidden somewhere and that could ruin the Bates. Emma and Norma have living, breathing proof in the form of a young Chinese sex slave  that Shelby is the dirtiest of dirty cops.  Dylan is getting mixed up in the underground pot business that is a thriving economy in this little town that Norma chose to run to when her husband, Norman’s father met with his tragic “accident”. In other words, there is a lot going on. It all comes to a head in this, episode six of Bates Motel.

This episode is edge-of-your-seat exciting. The tension and suspense in palpable as Norma comes to the realization that her knight is nothing more than a sadistic lowlife, or in her own words, a “damn lying dirtbag”.  Dylan has to confess to his boss that he has murdered the man who shot and killed his partner. His boss, though impressed, orders him to destroy the truck and any DNA evidence that would be incriminating. Dylan obliges. It runs in the family, this anger management issue.

Emma is the only voice of reason but is talked down by honey-sweet Norma from calling the FBI. She promises Emma she will call the following day but Norma’s forte is not truth and she has learned to be  a damn fine liar.  As Emma drives away, charmed and relieved, she tells Norman that until they get that belt from Shelby, there is no way Jaio, the poor abused girl tucked away in the motel, is being taken in to the police.

And as surely as if he has some sixth sense, Shelby shows up while the boys are finding the belt stowed away on the same boat Shelby moved the girl to when Norman happened upon her in his house. Dylan tosses it in the ocean and for a moment, a brief and fleeting moment, there is a sense between the brothers that Shelby is in the trap and the past is behind them.

Yeah. Because happily ever after is something the Bates are just brimming over with. No. Shelby pretty much pounces on Norma on her stoop, she resists at first but in an effort to keep him in the dark, she allows herself to demure to his aggression sexual instincts.  It’s pretty awful, watching Shelby go to work on her and looking into her dead eyes. He notices her lack of enthusiasm as well. And when the pipes rattle, as the abused girl showers, he notices that too. Being a good policeman, he goes to investigate the noise.  Norma tries to lie to him about Room 11 and its occupant but Shelby is onto her. “Why are you lying to me?” he asks and at that moment Jiao opens the door, screams, and makes a run for it.

The scenes that follow are tremendously exciting as Dylan and Norman are respectively forced to protect their mother from Shelby, each in their own way.  In spite of his own prejudices and hypothesis, Dylan is forced to understand the truth about his brother as Norma reveals to him what Norman really is and how his father, Sam, really died.




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