Logitech LS11 Stereo Speakers

The Little Speakers That Could


Gone are the days of crappy budget speakers for your desktop! Standing at only five inches tall, the Logitech LS11 delivers clear sound, effective design, and durability, all in one little package.

With so many built-in speakers not reaching the potential needed by users across the world, more and more people are turning to bigger and better solutions for their audio needs.  But what if you aren’t looking for a 7.1 Surround Sound setup?  What if all you need is a decent budget solution for your audio needs?  If so, then look no further! The Logitech LS11 has exactly what you need.

First thing you’ll notice in the package is that there are only two speakers, and no independent speaker for bass.  Don’t fret, it makes up for this with excellent sub-bass sound quality as well as its smaller, more elegant form-factor.

This unit hooks directly into your desktop or laptop through the single 3.5mm audio jack, with a cord that has a decent length for even a standing desk.  To counteract the generous cord length, Logitech added cable management directly into the back of the speakers, so you can tailor the length to what you need and avoid the dreaded spider’s web behind your desk.

If you’re looking for a little more privacy, this unit features a headphone pass-through so you can listen to your music or movies without distracting others around you.  The only real problem with this is that the headphone volume isn’t controlled by the volume of the speakers, but by the volume coming out of your computer.  This is fine if you like to keep your speakers at a static volume and control it with your computer, but if you would rather adjust the volume with the knob on the front of the speaker you could run into some confusing issues.

If you would ever need to connect another external device to the set without unhooking your computer, there is a MP3 input on the front of the right speaker to help you out.

During a week of the most screeching guitar solos that Eddie Van Halen could squeeze out and the most wub-tacular Skrillex beats, the Logitech LS11s didn’t start to pop or distort.  After surviving the stress test and still putting out great sound, even when under additional stress, these speakers continue to please.  These are my favorite budget set I’ve come across so far, and I would recommend them to anyone.

If you’re looking for a budget solution to your PC audio needs or an upgrade from the crappy speakers you currently have, the Logitech LS11 has exactly what you need.




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