YouTube Adds Paid Channels

As posted on the YouTube blog and covered by CNN Money, yesterday YouTube added Paid Channels to its offerings.

Paid Channels allows content providers (UFC, Jim Henson Family TV, etc.) to offer a range of their programming for a small fee (Google’s plans start at $0.99/month). Currently there are 53 channels offered, including:

  • Jim Henson Family TV ($2.99/month)
  • National Geographic Kids ($3.99/month)
  • Official Franklin ($1.99/month)
  • PGA Digital Golf Academy ($4.99/month)
  • UFC Select ($5.99/month)

This is just the pilot group, as Google has plans to increase the selection in the future.

While you have to subscribe to a channel from a computer, after subscribing you can watch it on your:

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • TV
  • With more devices to come.

I think this is a great move, and one that consumers will welcome. Somewhere around once a week I read or hear someone talk about how much their cable costs, wondering why they spend that much on it, and how they wish it was cheaper. While many have moved to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and Redbox Instant, and Aereo is continuing to fight their battle for the airwaves, Google has a great opportunity here. Considering how much we already watch on YouTube, I think this will be a great market addition, not an over-saturation.

If Google can pull this off, we could see a further paradigm shift in how we access our video content.

Nate Humphries

Nate Humphries

Tech Editor at CultureMass
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Nate Humphries
Nate Humphries

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