Doctor Who Theory and Observation Before the Finale

In England, the finale is done and secrets have been told. But here in America, we wait and as we wait, we scheme. What, exactly, is about to happen as the Doctor finds out once and for all who Clara is? And what about us? Are we going to learn the name of The Doctor? Some of us have followed him over the years since 1963. Some of us since the 80s. Some of us are new, coming in with Eccleston, but all of us have been wondering since we first laid eyes on The Doctor: who is he and why does he do what he does?

So, here are a few Doctor Who theories and observations to hold us as we approach the finale.

river-song-doctor-who-brasilClara: In one of the trailers, Clara said she was made to save The Doctor. Does that mean that she was created to save him like River Song was created to kill him? And ever since River was reprogrammed, she has spent her whole life saving The Doctor, even until the end of her days. If it is something programmed into Clara’s consciousness, could it have been done by River?

Not Everything Ends, Not Love, Not Always: This was something repeated in a couple of episodes in such a way as to be a clue. Although, just as The Doctor lies, so does Moffat. He’s good at laying false trails with red herrings for us to follow, but also, he is good at giving us hidden clues that don’t come back up until later. As we see River in this episode (and since her time is all wibbly wobbly, it isn’t necessarily after she has died (although the River Song grave does seem to contradict that), maybe Love has found a way not to end, to keep saving The Doctor. My Doctor Who theory is that River and Clara work together to save The Doctor.

The-Eye-of-HarmonyCircles and the Eye of Harmony: In every episode of the last half of Season 7, we have seen Clara and The Doctor through some form of a circle. I’ve wondered if this is something that is leading us back to the Dalek episode and Clara’s final death or if it is something more. Also, the Eye of Harmony being a large gaseous *circular* star and being used inside and outside the TARDIS can’t be a coincidence in this matter. My Doctor Who theory is that Clara is going to be a portal to something we did not see coming. Also, The Cyberplanet said that The Doctor was erasing himself from history, but he could also be found by “the hole” that he’s left. So the Circles and all could be connected to that as well.

Monster: Towards the end of Season 7, we become acquainted with the “Monster” meme, as I like to think of it. This is where the scary monster we’d begun to fear turns out to be something benign… or The Doctor. In the Season 7 episode Hide as well as The Crimson Horror, we become acquainted with the concept of The Monster and seeing the Doctor called that. In Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, Clara admits she is scared of him when he takes her to the snarl and questions who she really is. My Doctor Who theory is that The Doctor’s name is going to have something to do with monster.

The Wrong Hands: Mentioned so often, and then used as a joke in The Crimson Horror, the wrong hands is exactly where his name can’t end up. If people are being kidnapped to get The Doctor’s name, then it is up to The Doctor to make sure that his name doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Secrets: They keep us alive, The Doctor says. This is particularly true of his name. Of course The Doctor lies, because he can’t allow himself to be truthful about the most fundamental thing in his life. His name.

These are simple theories and observations before the finale. Perhaps I will see my theories fall, one by one. Perhaps I will see some of them come true. What are some of yours?

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