Warehouse 13, “The Sky’s The Limit”

“The Sky’s The Limit” gives us a hint about what’s to come for our favorite Warehouse employees, and it doesn’t look good. The Regents are keeping an eye on Artie via Jinks, and someone has discovered the Warehouse’s location and targeted Claudia, for reasons unknown.

Claudia and Jinks in pseudo English racetrack garbAt the beginning of “The Sky’s The Limit” Artie sends Jinks and Claudia to England to investigate a horse race gone amok while Pete and Myka visit Las Vegas to check up on some ‘real magic’ that has resulted in some very mysterious deaths. Artie has a meeting with Mrs. Frederic about some undisclosed Regent business, which happens to be the appointment of a new owner for the B&B, a woman named Abigail Cho.

In England, Jinks and Claudia discover that a few jockeys have died due to lack of adrenaline in their systems. A horse owner is suspected and Claudia manages to weasel information out of him, but it comes to naught. She and Jinks argue over the fact that he has been watching Artie for the Regents, who are not always trustworthy.

As Claudia and Jinks investigate further, they discover that each horse was abused by its respective jockey, which leads them to conclude that someone is taking justice into their own hands by using an artifact to transfer adrenaline from the jockeys to the horses.

Monty and Rose, Warehouse 13Pete and Myka, in Las Vegas, are led to Maximus Hotel and Casino, where they meet Val Preston, who seems to be the magician they’re looking for — until he levitates (the sky’s the limit, indeed) and it becomes clear that he isn’t the one controlling the power. A second magician, Monty the Magnificent, promises that his magic is ‘real’, and takes the stage with his beautiful assistant and granddaughter, Rose. Instead of levitating himself, Monty is horrified to see Pete dangling in the air.

Myka knows Pete’s time is limited, as anyone levitated twice becomes nothing but a pile of smoke and ash. They attend Monty’s grand finale, and Rose succeeds in levitating herself. She is the one who has control over the artifact, a gold medallion belonging to Saint Cupertino. Pete levitates as well, making this his second and final flight. He manages to grab Rose, explain the situation, and guide them back down to the ground so Myka can bag the artifact safely.

Monty is devastated at the knowledge that there isn’t any real magic, so Pete and Myka arrange for him to take a special tour around the Warehouse, knowing he will keep their secrets safe.

Artie snaps at Abigail while showing her around the Warehouse, realizing that she isn’t just the new B&B owner: she’s a psychotherapist, sent to help Artie overcome his grief at losing Lena. He stomps back to his office, angry at the Regents’ meddling.

Claudia, still in England, attracts the attention of Charlotte Duprix, who we met in the beginning of this half of the season. She snaps a picture of Claudia and sends it to an unknown ally with the message, “This is your target.” Jinks interrogates a stable boy who admits to using an artifact to wreak havoc on the abusive jockeys. Jinks relays the information to Claudia but as the race starts, she must join in and extract the artifact, a piece of a blanket belonging to Chief Sitting Bull, before it kills another rider.

With the artifact in hand, Claudia and Jinks return from England, their relationship somewhat restored as Claudia realizes that Jinks is trying to protect Artie by watching him for the Regents. Artie returns to Abigail and relents, asking for her help. Charlotte Duprix has now discovered the whereabouts of the Warehouse and sent information to a cohort, but it remains to be seen who she’s working for or with.

Artie and Abigail This episode was a little too distracted for me, but I appreciated the overall message. Artifacts, whether used for good or bad reasons, always have consequences, leading us to remember Artie’s involvement with the astrolabe at the beginning of the season. While he was trying to stop the opening of Pandora’s box, he used an artifact that cost Lena her life.

Rose wanted her grandfather to experience real magic, but the consequences were severe. And the jockey who tried to protect the horses ended up killing people as well. Artifacts are not safe. This is the reason they’re locked inside the Warehouse. I think it’s also interesting that Abigail wants to use an artifact to help Artie deal with his grief over losing Lena. We’ll see how that turns out for her.

“The Sky’s The Limit” is the fourth episode, which means June’s episode will be the midpoint  in this half of season four. I expect everything to blow sky high for our crew. New episodes return in two weeks, as does my favorite villain-turned-hero, H.G. Wells. Although she’s been helping the Warehouse crew (Artie went to bat for her when she took one for the team), I’m wondering if she’ll continue helping or if she’s got something up her sleeve. I guess we’ll see on June third!

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