Arrested Development Season 4: They’ve Unmade A Huge Mistake!

Last week I saw an online caption contest for the Arrested Development Season 4 poster.  The winning caption, while simple, perfectly captured the intense feeling we fans felt when Netflix decided to back our show: “They’ve Unmade A Huge Mistake”.

With the premiere of Arrested Development Season 4 just hours away, I’ve been contemplating what I hope to see, who will be there, and what exactly will be happening.  Mitchell Hurwitz has said that we’ll be seeing a lot of the same scenes from different points of view, which I take to mean that the Bluths have all gone their separate ways and ended up back in California together for a specific event, maybe a funeral? Or a wedding?  A wedding vow renewal? Or someone’s trial?

Not only are we getting the Bluths back, Arrested Development Season 4 will also see the return of well-loved side characters, including Lucille Austero, Gene Parmesan, Barry Zuckercorn, Andy Richter and Anne Veal.  I’m also thrilled to see guest stars like Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen, John Krasinski and Isla Fisher coming on board.  There’s a new writer for this season as well: Michael Cera!  Mitchell Hurwitz brought him into the writing room for this season, which makes me wonder what Cera has brought to the storyline.

Arrested Development Season 4 Poster

I have dozens of questions that I hope are at least partially answered in season 4, or at least resolved in the film Hurwitz hopes to make.  I’m most interested in seeing where Buster, George Michael and Maeby are, and if George Michael and Maeby are really together or still in that awkward phase where they’re sort of cousins, sort of friends, and sort of attracted to each other.  Is Buster with Lucille 2?  Are Gob and Anne Veal still together?  What do they need Gene Parmesan for?  Where has Michael been in the last few years?  And is Oscar still around?  What crazy things have they been doing?

While I’ve been able to avoid major spoilers, I did have to scream excitedly when I realized there would be a young George Sr. (played by Seth Rogen) and a young Lucille Bluth (Kristen Wiig).  This makes me wonder just how far back we’re going, and what character development we’ll see from these two.  I think getting Kristen Wiig was the perfect move in casting, but while I love Seth Rogen, I haven’t quite wrapped my head around him playing George Sr.  I’m hopeful, though, that it will be amazing.

While some people seem to be anxious about Arrested Development Season 4, specifically the format, reading the cast’s interviews maintains my confidence in Hurwitz.  He loves this show even more than we do, and he never got to explore all the ideas and storylines that came up, so I think we’re about to see what happens when a creative person gets to hold onto their story for several years, still putting pieces together and hoping that one day he’ll get to show us what he’s made.

While there isn’t an official film deal yet, or the promise of more seasons, both Netflix and Jason Bateman have expressed a desire for more.  If a film doesn’t appear, there’s still a chance we’ll get more Bluth family drama over a few more seasons.  I’m still holding out for a film, however, because I think it’s the perfect way to end the Bluth story.

All that to say, I can barely contain my excitement over tomorrow’s premiere of Arrested Development Season 4, and I’m so grateful to Mitchell Hurwitz and the cast for not giving up on this story, and for Netflix, who knew how much we all wanted this.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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