Psych, “Nip And Suck It”

“Nip And Suck It” opens with Henry Spencer attempting to enjoy retirement. He’s birdwatching with a group of guys half a dozen years older than him, when his phone goes off. Henry walks away to turn off the annoying song Shawn chose, and spots a bracelet in the grass. He quickly pinpoints a trajectory and discovers the dead body he suspected he’d find.

Shawn reading a magazine at the plastic surgery office After the dead body arrives at the police station, Shawn and Gus spot Henry there and see his excitement about getting to solve a case. Shawn tries to be patient and indulge his now retired father, but can’t keep the act up forever. When Henry meets them at the office of Dr. Joan Diamond, plastic surgeon (guest star Lori Loughlin), Shawn tells his dad that he doesn’t need his help anymore. Gus becomes worried about his appearance after Dr. Diamond makes a comment about his ‘bulbous earlobes’ but Shawn assures him he’s just being sensitive because he hasn’t talked to Rachel in two weeks. “Nip And Suck It” also reveals that Henry dated Dr. Diamond once, but felt the need to focus on raising Shawn after the divorce.

Shawn and Gus then visit Shelly’s now widowed husband, a young man named Brad. They are subjected to a couples’ massage as Brad talks about his love for Shelly and his insistence on signing a pre-nup. They get a tip that Shelly met someone at Truffles Cafe for coffee the day she died, and when they check the tapes, there’s an uncanny resemblance between the women. Turns out Shelly was having all the same procedures, as Brianna Hicks, who was angry that her ‘look’ had been stolen.

Henry beats them to the punch and has Brianna Hicks arrested, having been hired by Joan Diamond as a private detective. He and Shawn watch the interrogation and arrive at the same conclusion, meaning they must go look for a new suspect.  Shawn and Gus follow Henry around until he stops in a parking lot to take his afternoon nap.  The boys smell hotdogs nearby and visit a foodtruck, only to see Henry waving a “Suck It” sign at them as he drives away.

Luckily for Shawn, he remembers Dr. Diamond’s phone number having seen it only once, and pretends to be his father to get an address.  I think “Nip And Suck It” is the first time I’ve heard Shawn convincingly pull off a Henry impression. The guys arrive at the office of Dr. Lomax, another plastic surgeon.  Henry arrives later, to be hassled by Shawn as they argue about their different sources of information: Henry’s “gut instinct” and Shawn’s “psychic abilities”.  Gus, meanwhile, is distracted by a crease in his forehead and allows Dr. Lomax to treat him, resulting in a frozen expression of worry.


Shawn meets an assistant who’s quitting Dr. Lomax’s office and going to work for Dr. Diamond.  A young girl from North Dakota, she’s horrified that Shawn appears to suspect her of murder. She clearly points to Joan as a suspect, citing the transfer of an Aston Martin from Shelly to the doctor.  Shawn and Henry have differing opinions about which suspect is the real one, and go their separate ways after Henry points out that Dr. Lomax’s diplomas are fake.

Dr. Diamond visits Henry later that night, revealing that she wants a second date with him, but when he spies Nutox and a syringe in her purse, he tells her he must call the police.  She bashes him in the head and makes her escape.  Shawn feels bad and in trying to cheer his father up realizes that Dr. Diamond can’t be the killer because the fingerprint on the syringe is her index, not her thumb.  He excitedly explains to Henry that not only is the fingerprint wrong, but that Joan called Dr. Lomax to ask if anyone wanted to kill Shelly.

Henry and Shawn team up and go back to square one, but it’s Henry who remembers that even though Brad signed a pre-nup, he would get Shelly’s life insurance if she died. They visit Brad but he’s dead, and Shawn is the one to put the final pieces together. Dr. Lomax’s assistant from North Dakota was Brad’s high school sweetheart.  They scammed people together but when they arrived in town to pull the wool over Shelly’s eyes, Brad fell in love with her and signed a pre-nup.  Shelly was killed and the blame fell on Joan Diamond, and when Brad got suspicious, he also met a gruesome end.

ShawnHenryAndAssistantBack at Psych headquarters, Shawn says he and Juliet are back together, just as Henry and Dr. Diamond walk in, about to go on their real second date.  Henry says he may set up his own private detective headquarters next to Shawn.  Gus receives a basket of cookies from Rachel with a note that says, “We need to talk” and freaks out, calling them “breakup cookies”.

I really enjoyed the banter between Shawn and Henry in “Nip and Suck It”.  It seems like they are developing a working friendship apart from their familial connection, and I could even see where, if Gus chose to leave, Shawn and his dad could work cases together, and in fact, I’m wondering if that’s where the show is headed.  Gus needs to grow up sometime, and Shawn’s relationship with his father has slowly healed over the show’s seven seasons.  They’re both intuitive, and whatever they want to call it, it’s what sets them apart from the policemen at the station.  They see more and put pieces together faster than anyone else.

“Nip And Suck It” is the penultimate episode of season seven. Next week we’ll see the season finale, which will star Anthony Michael Hall, the fourth Brat Pack member to appear on Psych (Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy have all starred in at least one Psych episode).  Can’t wait!

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