River City Pixels: There’s Something Wrong with Super Metroid (WiiU)



Apparently, some younger folks are having trouble playing the Wii U port of Super Metroid.

Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

Daniel is an engineer, teacher, and freelance writer and translator. He considers himself blessed to be born during the the times video games were created, and has followed their development as an entertainment and artistic media ever since. He loves talking about video games as much as he enjoys playing them, and he's always ready to introduce gaming culture to a newer audience.

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  • I just found my NES classic Metroid for the GBA. Now that was a hard game.

  • BrianLeeMartin

    Bwa-ha-ha! That bit with Fi at the end sent it over the top! Hilarious!

  • Fi is one of the most hilariously inept guides Link has ever had. Which says so much.