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“No Trout About It” concludes Psych‘s seventh season, even though “Psych: The Musical” technically will act as episodes 15 and 16, come December. I was not expecting the emotional goodbye at the end, nor the continuing storyline of a new character that’s sure to rock Shawn’s world. Next season will be very interesting.

Anthony Michael Hall as Trout, with Gus and Shawn“No Trout About It” opens with a race, a car chase, and a grim meeting for the Psych crew. After following a perp on a motorcycle into a race, Shawn and Gus, Juliet and Lassiter swerve to avoid hitting each other and end up telling their story to Mr. Trout, a consultant hired by the mayor to trim the work force. Mr. Trout is played by guest star Anthony Michael Hall, making Emilio Estevez the only member of The Breakfast Club not to make an appearance on Psych (yet). Mr. Trout does not believe Shawn is a psychic and calls his bluff, but Shawn manages to read him halfway correct, which Trout still doesn’t buy because anyone with sharp observation skills could do that.

Trout tells them they’re all fired and to share what they know about the case so far.  Throughout the flashbacks of “No Trout About It”, the meeting is interrupted by McNabb, angry phone call conversations between Trout and his mother, a timer, an airhorn, some great 80’s references and several tangents due to Shawn’s lack of ability to follow a straight line.

“No Trout About It” is the story of a poor man named Leo Quinn who arrives at the Psych office and demands that Shawn and Gus find his killer. He’s been poisoned and has 48 hours to live. Shawn and Gus take him to the emergency room to confirm his story and then track down Rita, the man’s wife. They find her at the airport, but with no luggage tags, Shawn thinks she’s the murderer, until she turns up dead.

Following a lead from Rita’s phone, Lassiter and Juliet now join Shawn and Gus on a hunt for a guy named Chuck. A visit to Leo’s office confirms that a file cabinet was tampered with, and his one rich client’s cache of diamonds at the bank is gone, thanks to Chuck and a mysterious man named V. Manus. Victor Manus is a fake name, and just when they’re about to crack the case and confront Chuck, he’s shot and killed in front of them.

Back at the hospital, Leo is dead and the boys feel awful that they haven’t found his murderer yet. They’re given his ashes, with instructions to scatter them at a wharf. Shawn and Gus meet up with Lassiter and Juliet and head to Victor Manus’s house, only to see him leave via motorcycle. This is when they barely avoid crashing at the race, prompting the ashes to fly through the air and coat Juliet and Lassiter, who are assured that it’s just cake mix because Shawn was going to make “homemade Twinkies”.

The motorcyclist is dead from the same thing Leo died of, toxic compound 1080, which Shawn has a hard time remembering, at various times calling it “WD-40,” “P90X” and “Blink-182”. With Leo and the murder suspects no longer breathing, it looks like the Psych gang has reached a dead end. And then Shawn puts all the pieces together: in order to steal the diamonds and live happily ever after, Leo Quinn pretended he was being poisoned and orchestrated everything to make it look like everyone double-crossed each other.

While this could help solve the case, the fact is that they’re still fired, or at least suspended. The idea of a killer remaining uncaught is like an itch that cannot be scratched, and it proves too much for Shawn, who has, by his own admission, solved around 100 homicides in the last 7 years, a nice wink to the audience. He and Gus head off Leo Quinn at the airport and when he runs, he’s cornered by Juliet and Lassiter.

They all return to the station triumphant, only to learn that their actions have cost their chief her job. She’s suspended for six months, and McNabb is gone for good. The station is getting a scathing review from Mr. Trout, who has uncovered the fact that McNabb works part-time as a stripper, Lassiter has married a felon, and Juliet and Shawn are in a relationship. Trout will serve as interim director in an attempt to create an orderly, efficient station, without Lassiter as head detective, and he won’t be requiring the services of Shawn and Gus.

“No Trout About It” ends with the Chief assuring Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Lassiter that they did the right thing, having solved one more case. She leaves after a hug from Shawn, promising that she’ll miss him, “sometimes”. The seriousness of the situation has not yet hit home for the Psych duo, since Mr. Trout has made it clear he thinks they’re bogus. What will Shawn and Gus do with all their free time? Probably transfer their talents to the musical, which will be airing this December. The tiny preview we got showcased the best theme episodes and then promised that Psych: The Musical would rival those and even Les Miserables with its panache.

“No Trout About It” ends Psych Season 7 with an intriguing cliffhanger, a new character as Anthony Michael Hall’s Mr. Trout will stay on, and some character development possibilities as Lassie is relegated to a less important role, Chief Vick stays home, and Shawn and Gus find their source of income drying up. I think this is a brilliant way to set up season 8 and I cannot wait to see what is sure to be the most ambitious episode of Psych to date.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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    I want McNabb back! I loved him in the episodes!! Poor Lassie