Matt Smith To Leave Doctor Who

We all know that our Doctor will leave us and regenerate into a new Doctor. We cried real, actual tears when David Tennant’s Doctor regenerated. But the thing about The Doctor is that, while he always dies, he also always lives. No one knows that better than River Song.

Now we must face the loss of Matt Smith as our Doctor.

While we hyperventilated over the revelations from the season finale and continue to count down to the 50th Anniversary Special, we quietly pushed aside the fact that we’d heard a rumor that Matt Smith was planning to leave right before the season 7.5 premiere. Right as we’re trying to figure out just who The Impossible Girl is, we hear that Matt Smith may not be around. It flies under the radar because it’s from a rumor site and by the time we make it to the finale, we believe we will have Matt Smith forever. The promise of David Tennant and Matt Smith together for the 50th Anniversary did not even make us suspicious that we might be close to losing Matt Smith.

Then, BBC dropped the bomb. Matt Smith would be leaving at the end of the Christmas Special, regenerating to the new The Doctor at the close of the episode. Before we get into who could or should be the new doctor, we want to prepare ourselves for The Doctor’s farewell.

Oh, wait, Stephen Moffat has been preparing us for it all along.

In Big Bang, The Doctor is preparing to close all of the cracks in time and, unfortunately, he will be on the wrong side of the close. Everyone will forget him and he will be erased from history, like he was never born.

Or what about that nominal episode where we all watch The Doctor killed right before our eyes?

And finally, the goodbye every River Doctor shipper has been waiting to see. But also, it’s the goodbye we never wanted to say. So, say goodbye as if you’re coming back, Matt Smith.

See you around, 11th Doctor. And Goodbye, Sweetie.

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