Vine Launches on Android

Twitter’s video-sharing social network app “Vine” finally comes to Android 4.0+ devices today. Vine has been around for over half a year on iOS, and currently has a reported 13M users already using the service. For those that don’t know, Vine functions similar to Twitter in that it allows its users to share posts and view friends’ posts, but with one difference: instead of sharing 140 characters of text like you do in Twitter, you are sharing a 6 second video clip (with sound). The video is recorded by holding down on the screen of your device, and that recording can be easily stopped by simply lifting off the screen. This video clip isn’t just an all-in straight 6 second recording though – it can be stopped and started several times to create a mini stop-motion story as many have already done.

Unfortunately in its currently-released state, the Android app is a little behind the iOS version in regard to updates. This is because while the Android app was being finalized for release, the iOS port was still receiving updates as Twitter’s applications do. ¬†This isn’t all bad though because in addition to being updated to the current release cycle to match iOS 1:1 in the near future, the Android version has an exclusive feature: Zoom. Future updates will include features such as: “including front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook”.


The application is absolutely usable in its current form, and I wholly recommend giving it a shot. It authenticates with your existing Twitter account, and has the ability to import Vine users from your current Twitter followers by giving you a list to check off who you want to follow (and if you don’t have anyone to follow I’ll be putting the app through its paces so feel free to tune in to my feed – @ArtimusOfBorg). Vine reminds me of the early days of Twitter when it was just plain fun, and now Android gets its turn to play.

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