Arrested Development: “Colony Collapse”

“Colony Collapse” starts with GOB Bluth having finally arrived in a world he loved, amongst the rich and hip. Following Mark Cherry and an unusually large entourage. They called him Getaway… but we’ll get to that.

When we last saw GOB, he is with Ann when George Michael discovers that the woman his uncle was seeing was his ex-girlfriend. Plant asks GOB to be faithful and to make things right with George Michael. So after Lucille, for whatever reason, turns the Queen Mary around, GOB tries to get him to say that everything is alright. George Michael isn’t alright, but he says the words GOB wants to hear. When he realizes that he is free to have a relationship with Ann, he becomes “Sound of Silence” introspective and plans to break up with her. He breaks into her room to tell her so. However, she unzipped her nightdress and GOB decided to wait until after. She asks him how he liked his egg and he responds, “I said you were fine.” She wants to know what he was going to tell her when he climbed through the window, but he becomes flustered and begins to stutter. Ann tells him that everything is alright. He can leave if he wants to. He says “Marry me” the way Maeby used to when people questioned her age in the film business, but Ann took it seriously. When GOB breaks the news to his family, no one is amused.

4x07_Colony_Collapse_(079)GOB decides to resurrect the Christian Magician and announces his wedding and Magic Illusion to be broadcast live on the tv show And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You, hosted by Ann Veal’s father and Father Masala, played with tongue in cheek by Kids in the Hall alum Bruce McCullough. GOB goes to the model home and asks Michael to be his best man/assistant, but Michael refuses on the grounds that GOB is marrying his son’s ex-girlfriend. On the day of the wedding, GOB is disappointed that the family isn’t there, but then he sees Tobias, only to learn that Tobias is there solely to fulfill an acting gig from the And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You Casting Department. GOB does the trick (I mean illusion), but could not uncuff himself because the place where the keys were was stuck. When he falls through the trap door, he was knocked out. As they waited, they eventually got rid of the “boulder.” It was placed in a locker, where he was found, feral and eating candy vines.

While in the hospital, Ann dumps him and leaves some Christian materials with him. GOB decides to call his son Steve Holt and try to make things right with him at And by Jeremy Piven. Without recognizing that the man he was speaking adevpds033hjpg-50e167_640w1-610x406with was his son, he helped them grow closer, enough for Steve to offer him a job. He is so excited, he begins to do magic tricks which catches the eye of John Beard, Jr. (JBJ, played by Ben Schwartz of Parks and Rec fame) who introduces him to Mark Cherry, the baby faced pop singer, not the baby faced show runner, who has loved magic since he was kid 2 years ago. GOB had them in the palm of her hands and even attracted the attention of an out of control Rebel Alley. Mark Cherry can’t have another drunk photo, so GOB says they’ll be out of there in a “flash,” which was generally when he messed up a fire magic trick, but still managed to put out a copious amount of lighter fluid. That quick escape gets him nicknamed Getaway by Mark Cherry. As he parties with Mark Cherry, he begins to circle the shame drain, using his forget-me-nots to put himself in a roofie circle where he takes the roofie too late to forget the shame, but where he forgets that he took the pill.

As his popular colony collapse is happening, he gets a call from Johnny Bark saying that his bee colony collapse was imminent, as they were sick. Things go worse when Mark Cherry discovers him taking pictures of him with strangers while he slept, he wrote the song Get Away telling GOB to go away. Sensing that the tide was turning, he takes them on the town with the bees in his trunk. He picks up some women, DeBrie fresh off of leaving Tobias with them. She opens the compartment, causing the high, drunk people to be viciously stung by bees. After this Mark Cherry decides to go into rehab.

At the Opies, GOB tries to get everything right for Mark Cherry. Then he notices the blue glitter and, thinking to upset Tony Wonder’s act, jams the door of the podium. Unfortunately for GOB, it is the wrong thing because Tony Wonder bursts from a speaker. He realizes he’s lost his career, his fiance, his entourage, his family, everything.

130531_TVCLUB_ARRDEV0407_1.jpg.CROP.multipart2-mediumGOB goes to the desert to take his rightful place in the company. But when he causes another colony collapse, he discovers his “tomb,” which was bought by George. Sr, and Oscar for their sweat lodge. GOB investigates and finds a cross jammed in the corner. He thinks it’s a “T” and blames the failure of his act on Tony Wonder.

Single Viewing Review: This is perhaps one of my favorite episodes, besides Queen B., which tells the tale from Lucille’s point of view. As I wrote this review, my “pen” started to flow like Ralphie’s writing his Christmas Theme. From first viewing, I got the most laughs from this one, from the Simon and Garfunkle’s “Sound of Silence” when GOB becomes most introspective – taking over for the Final Countdown from the previous seasons – to him stuttering through his shou…shou…shoul… sh…sh… the man… sh… shou… as he tried to break up with Egg. I also got a kick out of Mae Whitman returning to the role of Ann Veal and all of the “Her?” jokes. When Michael says, “Hey, Mouth. I didn’t see you sittin’ there.” “We rode up in the elevator together,” she responds. “I’m blanking,” Michael says. Alan Tudyk (my hero) was great in this episode as well and I particularly liked the look on his face as he tells the congregation (a) that he didn’t see anything in the “tomb” and (b) that they will wait 2 weeks to see if GOB did, in fact, escape. I hate that it took until “Colony Collaspe” before I began to truly laugh.

Binge Viewing Review: This episode makes a lot of connections with episodes before and after (The bees in the sweat lodge, closing Marky Bark in the podium, DeBrie going to rehab, almost running over Michael after he meets Rebel, GOB driving a limo everywhere, the sweat lodge that Heartfire bought, the repetition of “I don’t want these” from “Borderline Personalities,” Love Each Other, mentioning John Beard, Jr. as he’s discussing the forget-me-nows with Michael, Rebel saying, “That is a David Spade – mimicking the mountain sales that Lindsay engages in while in India… can I stop now? As I watched more than once, this show grew exponentially funny, especially as I knew what was coming. If you last until this episode, it is all downhill from here and you appreciate the previous episodes more.

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