Arrested Development: “Smashed”

Tobias finds himself working for Austerity after all, though he is doing so to pay his debt to society. He is working at the clinic after being beat down with a soup ladle. Prison taught him one thing: not to call his analyst and therapist skill analrapist. As he looks around at the people he will be working with, he notices Mark Cherry, who can’t get away from the song Getaway. Emmett Richter, Andy Richter’s identical quintuplet, is also there. Then DeBrie walks in. Mark Cherry checked her in after a night of hard partying and bees in Malibu. When Lucille 2’s brother, Argyle Austero, realize that Tobias and DeBrie are closer than therapist and patient, he wants to take her away from him. So Tobias puts together a musical just to be able to be with DeBrie. See, Smashed… you get it?

Of course, Tobias goes too far with it. He pushes a talentless DeBrie to dance (she’s too brittle), sing (her voice quavers), and be the center of attention (and she doesn’t want to be seen). Suddenly Tobias wants to turn the small play into a tobias-michaelsmashed hit. Because it’s Tobias, get it. It’ll get smashed. That means Argyle has to get money from someone that owes his sister money and Tobias has to get the rights from Imagine. Lucille2 and Argyle find Michael at the supper club and Argyle threatens him, making Michael more desperate for the money he owes Lucille 2.

Tobias tells Argyle he’s “In talks with Imagine,” although he’d only called once. Argyle takes him to meet his new patient, saying they call her “The B word from the C Ward or the C word from the B Ward” (one of my favorite lines in this season delivered with the right amount of aplomb by Tommy Tune. Following this is my number 1 favorite one two punch of a line. When Tobias walks in to see Lucille sitting in the chair she says, “Hello anus tart” and the narrator follows it with “And she never even saw the license plate!” I laugh every time.

When Tobias walks into the model home, he talks with Michael. Michael confides in Tobias. Tobias tells him they are *bleeped* to give up his dreams. Then he learns that Ron Howard is making the movie, which encourages him to convince Michael to set up a meeting with Ron and take Tobias with him. Tobias talks Michael through telling Ron about his love of Rebel. This is when Michael discovers that Rebel is Ron Howard’s daughter and not in a good way. Ron vows that he will do anything to keep her from choosing Michael. But he will still make the movie. Tobias, however, is out of luck. Ron Howard can’t and won’t help him.

Tobias has to go back to the group. He doesn’t want to lose his time with DeBrie, so he lies about getting the rights. The group went into their final rehearsal. Lucille had found someone to “mother” and all the pressure was compelling DeBrie to think about slipping back to drugs. When they show up at Cinco de Cuatro, DeBrie tells Tobias that she can’t do it. But Tobias makes things harder. When Tobias discovers that wearing The Thing outfit would make him more recognizable – and with all the kids and as a registered sex offender, he wasn’t good. Buster gets drafted into being The Thing. DeBrie takes pills that disgraced Dr. Norman was throwing into the bay before the festival of lights. DeBrie gets smashed… get arrested-debrisit… because she’s on drugs. Tobias should have left her happy, healthy, and sober at rehab. Lucille2 gets on to Tobias and says she will deal with him on Monday. DeBrie gets a cease and desist letter, letting her know that Tobias lied to her. Tobias sees that DeBrie can’t be Sue Storm, so he decided to do it for her. He thinks putting on the best show ever will get them out of their problems. Then Tobias gets on a boat. Unfortunately it was the wrong boat and he rides out with Marky Bark to bomb the Love barge.

Single Viewing Review: “I just blue myself for the first time in 5 years.” “It should be called Fantastic 3 and Lousy 1!” This episode had some of the best lines. This had the uncomfortableness of a British comedy series and watching Tobias try so hard was uncomfortable and funny. David Cross is so good as Tobias, you almost feel bad for him. From never truly realizing the things he say are very homosexual to never being able to catch a break, you want something to go right for him and you watch in horror and mirth when it doesn’t. By this episode, I am buoyed along feeling like I was watching the same type of programming I missed from the first three season.

Binge Viewing Review: “Smashed” touches on a lot of things that happens at Cinco for the family. Each episode is getting better and better, though I still like “Colony Collapse” better than “Smashed.” Every time I watch this in a marathon session, the addition of Lucille at the end always makes me excited for the next episode, “Queen B.,” Lucille’s episode.

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