The Goodwin Games: “Small Town”

the-goodwin-games-small-town-3The Goodwin clan is chafing at the bit, being back in small town Granby. Henry takes an extensive 2 days off (Saturday and Sunday) after the death of their father. Chloe is missing the eating and amenities of Los Angeles. Elijah (not actually a Goodwin), who won the first million in The Goodwin Games, now owns Henry’s favorite car in two colors and Henry still wants to know who he is.

Henry goes back to work and says his boss is too much of a hard ass to let him stay home. Jimmy has a secret project but is pledging that he is out of the game for good. Chloe goes to check out the yoga place and it turns out to be more like aerobics. Feeling homesick, she calls her roommate in Los Angeles, who doesn’t even realize she’s been gone. In the middle of talking to the roommate, she sees Jimmy doing something that seems illicit. Jimmy assures her he can evade her and does it.

When Henry gets back home, Chloe is waiting for him. She wants him to take time off to help her with Jimmy, but he refuses. He soothes himself with Scotch while she lectures him about his responsibility to the family. While he and Chloe got the benefit of having both parents around to help them grow, Jimmy had neither. Jimmy was too young when their mother died; their father had little time for them. The Goodwin Games was their father’s way of helping them love each other and become the family they stopped being when he stepped out of their lives.

TheGoodwinGames_1AVW06_2500The next day, Chloe vows to spend the entire day with Jimmy. As they are walking around, Chloe continues to lament the small town of Granby and how she would love nothing more than to be back in Los Angeles but she can’t because she needs to watch Jimmy. Jimmy doesn’t think she has to and she scoffs, wishing he were normal so she wouldn’t have to. His feelings are hurt so he gives her the slip for real. She goes home to call Henry when she realizes the Jimmy took their mother’s watch off of her arm.

Henry comes out of surgery to find Chloe waiting for him. He doesn’t want her to embarrass him in front of his friends, so he asks her to leave. She refuses, telling him that Jimmy took the watch so she’s going to talk to his boss, Dr. Richland, to find out why he can’t take more time off. Dr. Richland isn’t a hard ass at all, but is star-struck by Chloe’s one show credit. Chloe, hyped up by Dr. Richland’s attitude, asks why she wouldn’t allow Henry to take the time off. She said she offered him a month with pay and he refused. In Henry’s office, he reveals that he didn’t want to twiddle his thumbs on his fiance’s campaign nor did he want to spend his time in small town Granby remembering that his father is dead. He was willing to let work and Scotch tag team, but he finally agrees to take the time.

When the return to the house, they confront Jimmy, but he won’t reveal anything. After running through the house like children, Chloe gets a call from her roommate. Not only did she sublet Chloe’s room, but her car gets broken into and all of her stuff is stolen. So now Chloe has nowhere to go to and nothing to her name. So Jimmy decides to show her his secret project.

It’s the train set he and his father started but didn’t work on for very long before his father let conference after conference get in the way. Jimmy wants to leave a legacy for his daughter. The watch he stole was for the clock tower and he has miniatures of him and his two siblings at their home. Chloe realizes she does have somewhere to be and to fully put herself in the small town, at least for a few months, she joins the crazy yoga class. Henry decides that his surgeon hands can help Jimmy with his “slapdash” figures. The family resolves its conflict with no challenge from the dad.

I kind of missed Beau Bridges. Also, not having a challenge makes me kind of miss the titular “games.” I hope that next week finds us back into the swing of the challenges. I must say that each episode is getting a little better. I didn’t want to throw in the towel at this third episode, so I’ll continue to see where they go. At times, the acting can be quite cheesy. I will love it when they get a better grasp of the humor and the drama without distinguishing between them as much as they do.

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