Arrested Development: “A New Attitude”

In “A New Attitude,” in this part of GOB Bluth’s storyline, he was told to go work for his brother Michael. They race to the model home because they’re so competitive. Michael asks GOB to help sell the houses. GOB wants Michael to help him destroy Tony Wonder, who he blames for finally destroying his Christian Magician career by jamming the letter T (actually a cross) into the hidden compartment in which he hid the handcuff keys. He had originally asked his son Steve Holt to help by pretending to be his boyfriend at gay night at the Gothic Castle. Steve is not okay with that. Michael also, of course, turns him down. So GOB calls George Michael, pretending he wanted to talk about George Michael’s and Michael’s floundering relationship.

tumblr_mnjfb4rtqY1qboo5qo1_500When they get to the Gothic Castle, GOB springs the surprise that he wants George Michael to pretend to be his boyfriend. George Michael refuses, but not before GOB kisses him to add credence to his false claim. He watches Tony Wonder’s show and is genuinely surprised when Tony jumps out of the beanbag chair. He arranges to have drinks with GOB. GOB then develops a new plan as Tony flirts with him. He’s going to make Tony fall in love with him and then break his heart. However, it is obvious that GOB is really into his “relationship” with Tony. GOB calls Tony to try to set up a date, but gets the answering machine. He gets a call right back, but it ends up being from Lucille to get him to build the wall. He tries to get Mexicans to help him, but they refuse when he tells them it was to keep the Mexican out. When he goes to the land, he meets China Garden, who tells him to get the Chinese to do it. While he’s talking to her, Tony calls him and arranges a date at Little Ballroom. While GOB goes on about how he’s going to destroy Tony’s life. Tony has plans as well, to get the inside scoop on internet billions after hearing that GOB’s “boyfriend” was the creator of FakeBlock. His plan was to get GOB’s phone, steal his information, hack into the software, and make billions.

A_New_AttitudeGOB goes to the wrong Little Ballroom, which makes Michael think that GOB is dating Rebel Alley, who has a little boy. They get into a fight in the ball pit, ruining a little boy’s birthday party. Later, GOB turns up at Tony Wonder’s house. Tony is supposed to pretend to be angry so that he could get to GOB’s phone, but remembers too late. As they talk, they realize that they have a lot in common. They both feel a connection, but because they have never had any friends, they didn’t realize that’s what their feelings were. They make plans to get together during Cinco de Cuatro and have normal sex with each other.

At Cinco, GOB runs into Anne and finds out she has a 5 year old. He then learns it’s Tony Wonder’s. So GOB asks Anne if she wants to have revenge sex. She says yes, thinking it’s with GOB, but he tells her she’s having sex with Tony Wonder. She storms out, running into Tony Wonder downstairs. She convinces him to put on the GOB mask and meet her upstairs for sex in a few minutes. In that way, she facilitates sex between GOB and Tony Wonder, getting her own revenge on both men.

The scene goes back to the first episode, where Michael walks in after GOB has had sex with someone and Michael sees that it is Tony Wonder, which is why GOB gives him the last forget-me-now.

gob2_AD411.jpg.CROP.multipart-mediumSingle Viewing Review: “A New Attitude” is funny as well. I’m beginning to see the structure of the story coming together better. I love how the writers didn’t seem to craft the “same” scene, seemingly letting the actors put those words together on their own. However, if it was written that way, it was brilliant. I’m beginning to feel more confident that this is the Arrested Development that I’d mourned, come back to me.

Binge Viewing Review: “A New Attitude” is already funny, but I’m not sure that it grows funnier when seen in the context of the full season, like Episode one does for me. Upon further rewatch, I find that I want to rush through this episode to specific scenes, like the Ball Room scene or the Same scene. Overall, a great episode in a season that is rapidly getting better.

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