Experiencing Tech and Science with Fathers and Husbands

To honor our fathers and husbands this upcoming Father’s Day, CultureMass has dedicated various posts relating to our different article categories. This post focuses on how we have interacted with our fathers and husbands regarding technology and science, and how it has shaped our lives. We hope you find this interesting and enjoyable, and share your experiences with us in the comments.

Cameron Cook (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief)

Perhaps I’m laying too many of my cards on the table with this revelation, but my father and I haven’t bonded over a piece of technology as much as we’ve bonded over the very concept of Quantum Creativity. The study of the so-called creative cloud that floats around all of us has entranced my father and I for years, and we still seem to speak passionately about it each time we’re together. The theory, appropriately enough, rouses our imaginations and makes us curious about where ideas come from, who shares them, and what’s behind some of the biggest coincidences in history.

Rachel Helie (Assistant Editor)

Rachel has written about her husband and his enduring love of the iPod Touch 4th Generation (and his family). You can find her article and review here.

Nate Humphries (Tech/Science Editor)

If it’s God that gave me the desire and skill to work with technology and write about it, then it’s my father he used to start it all. My father works for a city government, and my first memory of seeing and playing on a computer came from when we visited his office one day. He had to work on something else, so he let me play around on the computer. He showed me where the games and Paint were, and left me to it. I can’t remember exactly which games I played, but I remember having a lot of fun in Paint. I drew dinosaurs, our house, all kinds of stuff. It was a lot of fun – a great first experience.

While the first OS I saw was probably Windows 95 or 98, what I experienced on it paved the way for future enjoyment and interest. Our family ended up getting an old Acer Aspire desktop (again, Windows 95 or 98), and I played the crap out of that thing. I remember playing Tyrian for hours on end, and I downloaded my first songs over dial-up (got in trouble for hogging the phone line, of course). That again paved the way for buying a computer for college (a Compaq from Circuit City, I’m pretty sure), which ended up paving the way for some Computer Upgrade/Repair classes at a local community college, which paved the way for building my first computer, which paved the way for my future IT jobs, etc.

And it all started with Paint on my dad’s work computer.

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