Warehouse 13, “What Matters Most”

“What Matters Most” starts in one of the most terrifying places I personally can think of: a gated community.

In the beginning of “What Matters Most” A man steps outside and is struck down with a host of health problems, prompting a visit from Pete and Myka after Pete’s yearly physical. Jinx and Claudia are going to investigate a boy using graffiti to mark down mathematical sequences, but at the last second Jinx decides to stay home and help Abigail clean out the stinky goo from some of the valves at the warehouse, as well as unpack a trunk from his mother’s house.

Warehouse 13 - Season 4Pete is grumpy and Myka manages to get him to share that his testosterone levels were a bit low at the physical. They meet a gossipy neighbor, Janice from number 26, and head to the dead man’s house. They discover that the man was a DA and had sent six people to death row, and that he had been found with fluids from a lethal injection vial in his body.

While Pete and Myka are mulling over this news, they get another call about a hysterical woman and find her attached to a younger man. She’s literally joined at the waist with him. They are taken off in an ambulance as Pete and Myka wonder if there are two artifacts instead of one.

Abigail and Jinx are ridding the valves of pressurized goo and Abigail is drawing Jinx out. He stayed behind because he’s had a confrontation with his ex (last week), and now all his stuff is at the Warehouse, and while he wants to share his life with someone, he worries that since no one at the Warehouse has found their “special someone,” he won’t have a chance.

Claudia finds Nick, the kid who is writing out mathematical equations, and convinces him that she is not from a government agency interested in taking him back to foster care. He has been on the streets, but so has Claudia. She gains his trust and they retire to an abandoned building to work out what is happening to Nick and which artifact is being used to control his brain and work out the equations. They discover that each time someone accesses his brain, he goes into a seizure, and if they don’t stop the brain control soon, Nick will die.

Pete and Myka follow up on another lead, only to see a security guard go up in green flames as they question Jerry, a guy who used to work for the DA. They take care of the fire and go back to talk to Janice, who tempts them with a plate of chocolate cookies.

Abigail divulges to Jinx that she quit practicing psychology because people put their walls up. He calls her out on the lie and she amends it with the fact that it was one of the reasons. There was someone she couldn’t help and she didn’t want to repeat that so she stopped working and traveled until someone set her up in the Bed & Breakfast for the Warehouse.

Jinx says that maybe they’re all drawn to the warehouse like a bunch of lonely, misfit toys and Abigail tells him that he may not have that one special someone, but he has four special people in is life and he should focus on that for a while. She suggests that he share a little more of himself, since he desires to be close to people. This is the most hopeful part of “What Matters Most”.

Warehouse 13 - Season 4Claudia reveals to Nick that she doesn’t sleep well and has nightmares about someone who killed someone she loved. At this point, half of our cast has shared something about themselves we didn’t know, thereby drawing closer to each other but also drawing us closer.

Myka and Pete, while ransacking a suspect’s apartment, discover that there are secondary arson charges on his old home. This leads them to believe that someone is using a biblical artifact, since it is so concerned with sin and morality. They rescue Col. Castle who is suffocating in a weird orange gas. He tells them what he did and then begins to get better, and all the people outside treat him like he has the plague and all go into their little cookie cutter houses.

Pete and Myka figure out that Sodom and Gomorrah were covered in a salt, and that the salt has been used to punish people. They realize it was in the cookies and Myka barely prevents another victim from eating them. It was Janice who made the cookies, and who was angry that a bust of her late husband, the creator of this particular gated community, wasn’t allowed to be erected. This is what matters most to her.

Pete, however, had eaten a cookie and gets thrown out of a window. Myka kneels beside him and gets him to confess to ease the pain of his broken legs. When Pete was young, he drove drunk one night and crashed into a tree, from which he escaped without a scratch but his friend had two broken legs. Myka tells him that he’s a completely different person now, that it took guts to tell her and that he has all the testosterone he needs.

Everyone returns home near the end of “What Matters Most.” Claudia brings Nick for a few days, and while they’re admiring the picture Abigail put up, and the lasagna Steve made, Nick is alone, texting to an unknown number, “They believed me. I’m in.”

The last bit of  “What Matters Most” shows Myka’s physical, with this horrific result: she has ovarian cancer.

I’m curious to see where they go with the Nick storyline (which I believe is linked to the hit on Claudia we saw a few episodes ago), and I’m deeply saddened by Myka’s storyline. Is she going to be saved by an artifact, is the actress leaving the show, or is there more going on? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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