The Glades: “Magic Longworth”

“Magic Longworth” is probably my favorite episode of the season so far and definitely one of the best hard openings of the series. Although it’s another instance where they find the body way too fast, which at this point makes finding it seem almost pointless, the reaction and outcome of the body’s discovery was fantastic.

When an old woman is walking her dog towards the dumpster area to smoke away from the building, her dog brings her a sock. Checking out where the dog got the sock, she finds the dead body of a police officer. This takes all of two tv minutes and again I think “why even have this?” That scene could have been covered by a line of dialogue where they simply say and old woman found it walking her dog. As the show opens, we know that the first person (or people) we see will find the body, so as the dog brings the sock to the woman, you’re really just waiting on her to find the body you already know is there. Sometimes, it’s unnecessary and leaves the viewer hoping for some sort of change-up in the discovery. Fortunately, the show actually does have more creative hard openings, just not in the last few episodes.

After the discovery scene, we’re in the car with Jim and Callie watching him get dropped off for work. It seems like it’s going to be another casual day of Jim getting informed and going out to start the investigation. However, the energy is suddenly turned up to eleven when the chief comes out and the entire division is in a scramble and she explains that a cop was murdered and even drops the line “cop-killer” as her tone insinuates a very dramatic episode. They speed off and even Jim sets aside his usual swagger for a more appropriate attitude.

4-jim-with-heelsThe scene where Jim is inspecting the body is both hilarious and slightly disappointing. Once on the scene we see the continued scramble of officers and Jim’s normal team as Jim starts getting the “what we know” from Daniel and Carlos, then Jim get’s a serious tone in his voice as he asks if the body had been moved and tells Carlos to get back. Oh man, is it a bomb? No. Jim grabs a pants leg and rips the front of the guy’s pants off. They were Velcro. He is a stripper. I couldn’t help but laugh at first as it immediately took the pressure off the episode but then part of me starting wishing that it had actually been an officer and that the episode would have remained a bit more intense. But we are still on episode four and I can see where it’s too early to drop that much drama on the cast. But still, it would’ve been nice.

Once we find out who the stripper was and where he worked, Jim goes off to question the first of the three suspects, the owner of the club, a stripper himself who after Jim points out is getting older, mentions that he still has what it takes to impress and the ladies still like it. At this point he’s not really a strong candidate, but this is only the first meeting. The second suspect comes off a bit more suspicious, the victim’s wealthy older girlfriend. The third suspect is another rich woman that the victim was apparently having an affair with. This one we find out actually owns a gun like the one that was used to kill the victim. Making her the strongest suspect in the story line but in all likeliness isn’t our murderer.

As the investigation continues we get to take a break to see Callie and Jim doing more planning for the wedding as they check out venues. It’s a really 9-jim-interrogates-nickynice scene with a very romantic back-drop with hanging lights outside a restaurant by the water. They talk about how many people they plan on inviting and we see more and more that no matter what they don’t agree on, it doesn’t slow them down. But it all has that feel of something sinister in the works. Maybe it’s the show’s past that has me worried about it’s future but I can’t get behind this wedding until they actually say the words. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for them, they should be married, but there’s too much drama potential for the wedding to actually happen.

As the investigation winds down, we get to see the shady stealing of one of the ladies’ money and a relationship between the two that leads to the discovery of the murderer. It was a decent episode over all but I think I need that urgency I felt at the beginning of the episode. I think what we all want is for the drama to hit a little closer to home, something a bit more personal for Jim or Callie. Other than that, the show wrapped up nicely as Jim gets to meet the old codger that Callie is working for and they decide that the venue Callie wanted was perfect. And it really is.

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