Feedly Cloud Available to All

Feedly, my favorite Google Reader replacement, has just released to everyone its cloud-based API service. What this means: you can now access Feedly from any browser without an extension (Internet Explorer included), and all your feeds will be fully migrated into Feedly, severing the tie to Google Reader.

If you’ve not logged into Feedly recently, here is all you need to do to ensure a seamless transition into the new service, straight from Feedly itself:

Step #1: Go to http://cloud.feedly.com

Step #2: Login

Step #3: Restart Feedly and your browser on all your devices

With the release of Feedly Cloud, you can now customize the way you access your feeds via nine additional applications:

IFTTT, Sprout Social, Nextgen Reader, gNewsReader, Press, gReader, Newsify, Pure News Widget, and Meneré.

Check out the Feedly blog for the full details of the release.

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