Warehouse 13, “Lost and Found”

“Lost And Found” follows up with the revelation at the end of the last episode that Myka has cancer. Throughout the episode, she runs through several scenarios in which she discloses the information to Pete, but can’t bring herself to tell him and each time she tries, she’s interrupted.

While everyone’s gathered at the Bed & Breakfast (“Lost And Found” is the second episode without Abigail), Artie rushes in and excitedly gathers the crew around after dismissing Nick to tell them about some long lost pirate treasure that’s tied to a shipment of artifacts. Artie has one half of the puzzle box that leads to the treasure, and after several years of searching, Artie has located a black market dealer with the other half of the puzzle box. He takes off with Pete and Myka to meet the dealer at a diner.

Jynx and Claudia stay behind with Nick. Jynx voices his concerns to Claudia about Nick, and Claudia brushes it off, having experienced what she thinks Nick has been going through. Nick, meanwhile, sneaks outside to talk to a mysterious woman, who is revealed to be Charlotte Duprix. She also happens to be Nick’s mother.

Charlotte is also the black market dealer, and after a tense negotiation, she agrees to split the treasure 50/50 with Artie and they combine the puzzle box. Once they discover the second clue in a graveyard, however, Charlotte tazes Myka, Pete and Artie and goes after the treasure herself. When the gang wakes up, they continue on their hunt and find the building where the treasure has been kept.

Unfortunately, one of Charlotte’s henchmen is already dead, and whatever killed him comes after Artie, Myka and Pete. A shadowy, grey ghost cloud chokes Artie and it’s only by ringing a bell and making noise that they manage to banish the ghost for a short while.

Jynx and Claudia deal with an intruder alert, as Claudia monitors the sections from her computer and Jynx enters the bronze section, since it’s warm and the perfect hiding spot for a human. When Jynx yells, “No! She killed you!” Claudia runs to the rescue and instead of Jinx, runs into Marcus. He has bronzed Jynx and Claudia can’t do anything but throw an artifact at him (“Lost And Found” is full of these barely explained artifacts, I wish there had been more of an explanation)

A secret hatch is found beneath a rug and Pete, Myka and Artie descend into a room full of Warehouse 12 artifacts. Charlotte manages to sneak one into her pocket before the shadowy ghost descends and knocks her unconscious. Creating a din was unsuccessful in corralling the ghost, and the Warehouse team realizes the bell was the catalyst. The ghost is the pirate captain, who used an amulet to protect his treasure even after his death, and the bell is the only thing that can hold him at bay until they bag the artifact.

Claudia realizes that she’s been duped and pulls an artifact out of her pocket. Jynx didn’t hear an intruder alert and Marcus wasn’t real. Both were illusions Nick was hiding behind to get into the warehouse. Claudia contacts Jynx, who’s still at the Bed & Breakfast. He arrives to find that someone called Paracelsus has been released from his bronze prison.

Artie, Pete and Myka attempt to bag the amulet but when it launches into the air, all hope seems lost. And then Charlotte Duprix steps in and saves the day. When asked why she came back to help them, she replies, “You are the only Warehouse agents who risked their lives for me.” She and her husband have lived for hundreds of years, and she’s come to retrieve half of the Philosopher’s Stone so that they can become mortals. She’s mostly looking out for her son, fifteen-year old Nick who needs to be able to find someone and live out his life with, instead of being like his parents, who have watched everyone they love die.

This all hits Myka hard, who is struggling to come to terms with her seemingly imminent death. She launches into a tirade about what to expect as a mortal: death. “It’s ugly, messy, and painful,” she cries. When she steps away from the group, Pete follows and reacts at the news of Myka’s results in a way she never expected: he hugs her.

Jynx calls Artie and discloses that Paracelsus and Nick are gone, the bronzer is broken, and that Claudia…is bronzed.

Artie turns to Charlotte and says in a deadly whisper, “What did you do?”

I’m really excited to see where these storylines are going. I was a little put off by the heavy-handed, cheesy dialogue in “Lost And Found”, but Warehouse 13 is so full of surprises, and the characters are so steady, that I don’t mind a little cheese every so often.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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