Kickstarter Comes To Canada

“Canada. Finally”

These words are prominently displayed at the top of Kickstarter’s Canadian sign-up page, and they couldn’t be more true. Kickstarter, the easy-to-use crowd-funding web service, has been a platform for many successful campaigns since launching in 2009. Starting this summer they are opening their doors (and coincidentally the flood gates) to Canadian projects.

Kickstarter’s platform allows anyone to set up a page and ask for support from the community. Potential “backers” can read details about the project and decide if they’re going to support it based on a set of user-defined tiers with typically the more expensive tiers offering better and better rewards. Some of the more popular projects included indie game FTL: Faster Than Light, a feature length Veronica Mars Movie, and the Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch.

When the service goes live it will be in direct competition with established sites such as Indiegogo which has had a largely unchallenged foothold in Canada. This ultimately means nothing but good news for both Kickstarter and its users. I wonder if we will be able to Kickstart a Tim Hortons franchise?




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