Warehouse 13, “All The Time In The World”

“All The Time In The World” somehow manages to deal with the subject of immortality and the shortness of life simultaneously. There’s always more to this show than is seen at first glance. While on the surface we see a caper over several cities for the retrieval of an artifact via Indiana Jones-esque backdrops of elaborate dinner parties and underground labs equipped with traps, what’s going on underneath is the struggle to survive.

An ongoing storyline concerning Paracelsus comes to a head in “All The Time In The World”, as we puzzle out the reason Paracelsus was bronzed in the first place. While Artie attempts to figure out this question with help from technology, Paracelsus leaves a ransom note for them to find: “Sutton knows what I want.”

The Warehouse team talks to Charlotte, who tells them the reason they broke Paracelsus out: he’d made Sutton, Charlotte and Nicholas immortal, and after seeing Nicholas endure heartache after heartache as his loves grew old, Charlotte decided to seek a means to return to being mortal. “Some things are worth risking everything for, and one of those things is my son,” she says. Paracelsus is gone, but Sutton might know his location, so Myka and Pete are sent to Istanbul to a fancy dinner party Sutton is hosting.

Meanwhile, Jynx and Artie are frantically trying to halt Claudia’s oxidization, as she wasn’t properly bronzed. If they don’t find Paracelsus and the artifact he stole quickly, she’ll disintegrate. Pete squabbles with Myka for avoiding her own disintegration, as she hasn’t begun treatment for her ovarian cancer. In another part of the Warehouse, Artie watches as Mrs. Frederick mumbles something about the Warehouse being “off” in some way. The people aren’t the only things crumbling.

The dinner party in Istanbul turns out to be an engagement party, with Sutton running his old con of ridding a rich woman of her jewels. He’s stopped short by Charlotte, who shoots him, and they all escape after a fight with bodyguards and a resounding crash through the banquet hall. Pete grabs Sutton, who tells them Paracelsus wants revenge against his family.

Artie is shown the Warehouse Central Nervous System, which is breaking down, for reasons unknown. Mrs. Frederick continues to deteriorate, after trying unsuccessfully to reach some secret files,  and after delaying Claudia’s crumbling, all they can do is wait as Pete and Myka head to Constantinople to Paracelsus’ lair. Myka and Pete are then separated from Sutton and Charlotte, and fall through trapdoors.

Paracelsus now has all the pieces of the Philosopher’s Stone, and reverses immortality to make Sutton, Charlotte and Nicholas mortal again. His plan for revenge revolved around killing Nicholas, but Charlotte steps in the way and takes the bullet. The building begins to crumble, thanks to Paracelsus and his means of escape, and Sutton must watch Charlotte die before his eyes.

Myka and Pete grab Sutton and Nicholas, plus the artifact, and head back to the Warehouse. It’s finally revealed why Abigail has become the B&B owner: she’s not just a psychologist, she’s the Keeper of the secret records Artie and Mrs. Frederick couldn’t find.

Claudia is rescued with the help of the artifact, and Pete finally gets up the nerve to tell Myka she needs to go get treatment. “You have cancer,” he says bluntly. “We think we have all the time in the world, but we don’t. I’m not going to regret all the years I didn’t get to spend with you.” While this is a big step for Pete, Myka pushes him away, saying that she doesn’t want to cry. I think there’s something ringing false about Myka’s need to keep to herself, but I can’t decide whether it’s a storyline or whether the writing isn’t doing her justice.

“All The Time In The World” ends with one more reveal: Mrs. Frederick is sick because there’s another Caretaker from the past, and the Warehouse’s power is fluctuating between Mrs. Frederick and the Caretaker from Warehouse 9: Paracelsus.

I loved Pete’s speech to Myka about getting help. She’s been unusually recalcitrant about seeking treatment and I’m really not sure if there’s more going on than we know (is she somehow pregnant?), or if the writing’s just off. Her lines are falling flat and it’s not Joanne Kelly’s fault, because all her other scenes are stellar. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the Warehouse has up its sleeves.

I definitely was not expecting Abigail to be the Keeper, and I was blown away by Paracelsus being a Caretaker. I applaud the writing team for this bit of cleverness. It’s a great thing to be able to dig in deeper instead of spreading out further when it comes to plotlines, so I’m curious to see how this will affect him, Mrs. Frederick, and Claudia, who is a future Caretaker.

Next week’s episode is the finale, and I hope H.G. Wells makes an appearance. I’m expecting a fireworks show.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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