Dexter: “Every Silver Lining”

Dr. Vogel. More like Dr. Frankenstein.

“Every Silver Lining” begins with Dexter watching an old video recording of his adopted father, Harry, talking about Dexter as a 10 year old boy. Dexter had an insatiable desire to see the aftermath of a homicide crime scene. When Harry allows this, thinking it could help with his ‘condition,’ Dexter is unfazed, fascinated, even stealing a bloody piece of glass as a trophy, similar to his collection of victim’s blood slides. As present day Dexter watches, Dr. Vogel lurks behind him. Dr. Vogel is also the one in the background counseling Harry in the video. Dr. Vogel – a common theme in the creation of Dexter. She reveals that she was at the forefront of creating Harry’s Code, a means by which Dexter could release his psychopathic urges but remain relatively safe from prosecution, should he stick to it diligently. Dr. Vogel believes she saved Dexter’s life, and now needs to call in the favor.

With every silver lining, there is a gift. The Brain Surgeon, Masuka’s nick-name for the new serial killer Miami Metro is investigating, has left a present at her door. The piece of brain scooped out of last episode’s victim was found by Dr. Vogel wrapped in butcher paper. Perhaps not the gift Dr. Vogel wants, but a message nonetheless, one she believes is from a former patient. But who? That’s where Dexter comes in. She needs Dexter to track him or her down as the good doctor’s life is at risk. Why not go to the police? Well, it seems Dr. Vogel’s practices do not adhere to the code of law. She needs Dexter and he feels compelled to help.


Dr. Vogel is a bit of a nut-job herself. According to her, psychopaths are a gift to society. Every silver lining to Dr. Vogel ends with an alpha-male, a psychopath there to help humanity, weeding out the population so it will eventually become civilized. It’s a stretch, but she believes it and gives Dexter something he’s never had – understanding. As a mother would her son, he’s perfect to her. Is this the connection Dexter has needed all along, or will it be his undoing? Time will tell in the remaining eight episodes of Dexter.

Switching gears, how is Dexter’s deepest connection doing? In “Every Silver Lining,” the old Deb is dead. Dexter’s sister has turned after killing LaGuerta last season. She’s become darker, the lighter side of her, albeit edgy, has been snuffed out. In a murderous fit, Deb kills low-level hood, El Sapo. El Sapo was on the hunt for the jewels Deb was playing Briggs for in last episode. But when El Sapo beat up Deb for the jewels, she hunted him down, pumping him and his car full of lead. But Deb isn’t the same. Darkness has fallen on her. She’s left her blood and gun at the crime scene, forcing her brother to cover her tracks. Deb is going down a path Dexter feels he created. Can the old Deb be restored? Again, only eight episodes left to find out. Traumatic events in our lives do change us, for better or worse. There are parts of us we can’t have back, no matter how hard we try. Perhaps unconditional love will save Deb’s soul. What that woman has gone through, she deserves it. Who will it come from? Dexter? I don’t think he’s capable of it. But Quinn? He’s screwed up enough times in life; he might be the right fit.

Episode 802

Dexter has allowed us into the mind of a killer. And in the greatest twist the series has given, it’s a killer we care about. Is it because he’s like a vigilante – killing those who only deserve to be punished? Partly. But it’s also because Dexter himself isn’t devoid of all human qualities. He has affection toward his son, his sister and his friends. He’s witty and powerful. When did I fall in love with Dexter? Thinking back, my first connection was with a man who brought donuts into his work, not because he wanted others to be happy, but because it was what normal people did, a way for him to hide amongst the crowd. Yet, the show delved further, as we got to know what Dexter was thinking. How his voiceovers talked about Rita, his job, people in his life. It was hilarious, but it also fused that connection. I’ve always felt like an outsider, not because I’m a psychopath (well, at least not that I know of) but because I’m a little different. Dexter is different too. He’s trying to be normal, yet as hard as he tries, he never can achieve it. I can relate to that part of him, the part wanting to be accepted. Perhaps for us outsiders, every silver lining is that difference, only we don’t know it. Yet.

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