Falling Skies, “Be Silent And Come Out”

“Crazy’s where I live right now!” shouts Tom in “Be Silent And Come Out.” While attempting to find a trail to Anne and Lexi, Tom must keep Hal from shooting anyone, and everyone from shooting Hal. He talks with Peralta, who wants Hal shot, the alien inside Hal, who’s calling the shots, and the Colonel, who prevents Pope and the berserkers from shooting. I think crazy’s an apt description.

“Be Silent And Come Out” starts off with Tom agreeing to stay in Charleston, even though he and Hal (although it’s alien Hal) want to go off into the wild to search for Tom’s wife and daughter. Tom’s agreement triggers something in Hal and he takes his father hostage, climbing to an upper level of a building. He tells Tom he’ll trade the location of Anne and Lexi for information on the machine the Volm are building.

On the ground, Pope argues that Hal’s killed several people, but the Colonel points out he’s also saved many. Is he the mole? Maggie reveals what she knows and Ben punches Pope when he gets mouthy about Hal being a Mason and therefore receiving special privileges. Hal calls for a Humvee and a pass to the perimeter, but then ruins his chances by shooting at the Colonel. The berserkers return fire, and Pope and his men are dismissed. “I don’t think we need front row seats to the latest Mason family drama!” he yells. Ben, Matt and Maggie team up to enter the building through Charleston’s tunnel system, while Pope and the berserkers bet on the outcome of the hostage situation. “This is not a call to action,”  he warns a man who says he’ll take a bet and then kill Hal. “it’s merely a friendly wager.”

“Be Silent And Come Out” then becomes a father-son conversation about growing up. Tom reveals that Hal’s mother always thought he’d be a fighter pilot, but Tom couldn’t see that happening since it requires a great deal of concentration and focus, but after watching Hal the last few years, he concludes his wife was right and tells Hal, “I wish she’d lived to see the man you’ve become. She really loved you, Hal.” Human Hal and Alien Hal grapple as Maggie enters, reminding him, “You’re stronger than Karen.” Matt enters and Hal becomes agitated, unsure of where to point his gun. Then he decides to point it at himself. “I’m sorry,” he says. Before the gun can go off, Ben tackles him, and the room becomes a swarm of Masons and Maggie as they pin Hal. The gun goes off.

Everyone’s alive, but Hal has been grazed by the bullet. Pope won’t pay out for the bet until the family drama plays out, but then reveals that he’s also going to have a wager on whether Hal will be charged with espionage, murder, or if he will walk free. When the Colonel enters, Pope does have the grace to look ashamed, but when he saunters over, he’s caught in a death grip as the Colonel whispers in his ear: “If anybody tries to affect the odds…I will personally mount your head on a wall of this establishment.” When the Colonel leaves, Pope sends Lyle to the infirmary, ordering him to “take the comedy right out of ’em” if anybody tries anything.

Rebel skitters offer up a biological hunter/killer of the bug residing in Hal’s head, but if it has already escaped, Hal will die. At the Liberty Tree, Tom confesses to Peralta that he has an impossible decision to make; either way, he will most likely lose Hal. Peralta shares some words from her grandmother: “When we love, the world has something to use against us…death is not the worst of all evils.” Tom returns to the hospital, where the hunter/killer is implanted in Hal, who screams, “I don’t want to die like this!” His heart stops, and the medical team tries to revive him.

Hal wakes up but doesn’t remember the past week, and while he does blame himself for what happened, Maggie reminds him that he isn’t really the mole, and that he’s not responsible. It’s Karen who’s to blame. Anne and Lexi are located via rebel skitters, and Tom hands Peralta a file on the Volm machinery as well as his letter of resignation. “I’m fighting for the people I love with the people I love,” he states.

The Mason boys suit up and jump on their horses, venturing out of Charleston alone in search of Anne and Lexi, as Peralta is sworn in as the next President of the New United States.

“Be Silent And Come Out” presents some new questions, as well as allowing old ones to resurface: Is Hal the only mole? Will he be tried? Will Anne and Lexi be found? Will the Mason boys survive? Why does Pope stick around? (And why does he keep standing up for the Masons while simultaneously ridiculing them?)  And what will Peralta’s first order of business be, after hearing Tom’s warning about being straight with the Volm?

Methinks a big surprise awaits us.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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