Warehouse 13, “The Truth Hurts”

With Mrs. Frederick fading fast at the beginning of “The Truth Hurts,” the Warehouse crew needs to re-bronze Paracelsus. Claudia pegs Paracelsus in San Francisco and Pete heads off alone, but Myka insists on tagging along, pointing out that they’ll be at a hospital if anything goes wrong. Nicolas and Sutton, meanwhile, are fighting. Sutton blames himself for Charlotte’s death, and Nicolas agrees. Since Sutton was never around, Nicolas lost the only parent he’d ever known. “Now I’m completely alone!” he yells.

At the hospitals in San Francisco, Paracelsus appeared to have wandered through the halls where terminally ill patients resided, and now their illnesses are in remission. Hope springs for Pete as he wonders if this is a cure for Myka. While at the hospital, they are contacted by Archie with a plan to disconnect Paracelsus from the Warehouse. They discover he hasn’t left the hospital and creep into the morgue, his last known location. Unfortunately, all they find is an artifact that’s throwing his voice, and he warns them that scientific progress always requires sacrifice. “I will sacrifice you if I must,” he cautions.

Claudia and Nicolas have a yelling match as Claudia tries to get any helpful information at all out of him. She lets him know that even though he’s technically five hundred years old, he’s still acting like a child. Hey, the truth hurts. The results of the research come in, and the team discover that Paracelsus is on the hunt for a particular location’s haul of petrified wood to make his immortalization complete. Before he can finish the deed, Sutton shoots but misses, after shouting, “This is for Charlotte!” He’s struck by electricity, as is Pete, and Paracelsus is at last immortal. All the healed patients that were in remission die.

Myka helps Sutton as Pete chases Paracelsus. Pete is successful in apprehending the scientist, but the bronzing process won’t work on him. They decide to put him in the suspension chamber. Nicolas reveals that he blames himself for Charlotte’s death and so lashed out at Sutton, who promises that as long as he lives, Nicolas will never be alone. Myka tells Pete that her oncologist wants to do surgery that day, in order to see if the cancer has spread. He wants to go with her but she says she’ll go alone. That’s when Pete’s real feelings come out. “I don’t want you to leave me!” he says. That might have been the most heartbreaking line of “The Truth Hurts”. Then, Jynx tells Artie he’s going to have to tell Claudia the truth about the DNA that saved her: it wasn’t from her brother.

Pete goes to talk to Paracelsus to see if there’s a way to sever his connection to Mrs. Frederick, but Paracelsus speaks of more pressing matters: Myka is dying. Her cancer has spread to such a massive degree that she cannot be saved. Unless, of course, Pete would be willing to use artifacts. He wavers, but it’s not really a decision he has to make. He’ll do anything to save Myka. He gathers what he needs, but when things get dicey, he decides the only way to save his friend is to unleash Paracelsus and hope that he sticks to their deal, which is to have his mind erased, a la H.G. Wells, while he’s permanently incarcerated.

Artie tells Claudia that her sister, Claire, did not die in the car wreck with her parents, and that’s where the DNA that saved her came from. Claudia blows up, questioning Artie as to when he discovered this (before he even met her, while searching for the compass), if Claire knows (doubtful), and if Joshua knows (probably). Then comes the kicker: “Your sister is an incredibly dangerous woman!” he says. Definitely the most shocking part of “The Truth Hurts”.

Paracelsus has, it seems, gathered the artifacts that would make his connection to the Warehouse more powerful, all but killing Mrs. Frederick. Pete is thrown to the side. “THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW!” screams Paracelsus.

Claudia, instead of severing Paracelsus from the Warehouse now that he’s too powerful, severs Mrs. Frederick, saving her. As the crew searches for an exit, Claudia realizes she must stay behind to help the Warehouse, even in her pre-Caretaker position. She says goodbye to Mrs. Frederick, waves a tearful goodbye to Jynx, and forgives Artie. She is counting on them, especially Pete, to continue fighting Paracelsus, from the outside. Pete gives her a Vulcan salute and she returns to the depths of the Warehouse.

The finale leave us with two final, deeply moving images. The first is Myka, silent and possibly dead on a hospital bed. The second and last is Paracelsus turning to face a determined and dangerous Claudia.

I have to say, I was not expecting the heavy emotional part of “The Truth Hurts”. This season has gotten incredibly dark, with Myka’s cancer and her lack of ability to face it (she kept putting off appointments and when she went, it was too late), the growing number of dangerous people surrounding the Warehouse, and the death of Charlotte, along with the almost death of Claudia.

I’m not sure what this means for next season. Is Joanne Kelly leaving? Is Myka really dead? Will they need to ask H.G. Wells to join them in a battle against Paracelsus? And what does Claudia have up her sleeve to bring it to the mad scientist? And are Pete and Myka, having a closer connection this season, going to end up a couple, if she survives?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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