Continuum, “Second Truths”

Kiera’s lies finally catch up with her in “Second Truths”. From the beginning of the show, there’s been a ticking clock attached to her relationship with partner Carlos, and “Second Truths” blew her cover wide open. It’ll be interesting to see how Carlos handles Kiera’s new honesty and bizarre backstory.

While Kiera is grappling with lies, Alec becomes too trusting of his new girlfriend, Emily. It’s sad that I knew where this was heading, because I genuinely wanted Alec to find someone who understood and appreciated him. This girl’s just another pawn in the game Kellogg, Liber8 and possibly Mr. Escher are playing, and I hope Alec has enough sense to step away before it’s too late.

Trust is the theme of “Second Truths”. While Kiera has waited for so long to let Carlos into her life, which almost results in her death, Alec let someone in too quickly, allowing himself to be flattered and manipulated into a position from which he may find it difficult to extricate himself. The differences between the two characters are reversed in the future, where Old Alec Sadler seems to be pulling strings because he trusts no one, while Kiera is far too trusting of her husband and boss.

There are other relationships sliding between trust and distrust: Kellogg introduces himself to a man in order to make an offer on some technology that will inform the future, but the man seems to be hesitant, ultimately taking Mr. Escher up on his offer. Kiera, too, finally meets the mysterious Mr. Escher, and although she doesn’t get her questions answered (save in a roundabout way), she does seem to trust him more than her non time traveler acquaintances.

The theme also plays into the story of the week, in which a serial killer singles out child molesters and kills them gruesomely by suffocating them with dolls’ heads. Children are by nature trusting, until abuse occurs, which then leads them to distrust even those who would try to help them. The serial killer’s accomplice explains to Kiera that the child molesters treated children “like playthings,” a horrific but oddly fitting metaphor.

It’s interesting to think about where each viewer falls. Are you too trusting? Or do you keep yourself hidden? Watching “Second Truths,” I saw right through Emily, so I am nowhere near as trusting as Alec. On the other hand, I might have decided to tell Carlos my real backstory earlier, thus saving the partner relationship from the rocky ground that has just now been discovered. I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that I am most like Kiera and hide things even from myself.

Kiera learns, however, through an encounter that almost ends her life, that some secrets are not worth keeping. She worries that she’s changed too much of the future, and that she will not even be born. She confesses to Carlos, “No one would know that I had ever lived.” At this point, she’s less concerned with keeping secrets and more concerned with protecting the future, which hopefully includes her.

While the episode was quite dark, focusing on a serial killer, mortal danger, a moral dilemma, and the theme of trust, there were some literary allusions that amused me. “Second Truths” was the first time I sat back and realized that Canada had its own version of Sherlock on air. Think about it: Kiera is Sherlock (a person with enhanced deduction skills, who doesn’t get along with most people, who solves cases no one else can), and Carlos is Watson (a loyal companion, admires his friend’s astonishing solving skills, is the only one that will work with her).

At the top of the episode, “Second Truths” finds Kiera being congratulated by her boss in 2077 for her high scores in telemetry, or deduction skills. Then, we have a situation where everyone suspects that Kiera is in on the serial killer’s plot, with only Carlos standing up for her. She uses all her enhanced skills, or tech, to solve the mystery, and outwits the villain before she can be rescued by Carlos. While he has his doubts about her throughout the episode, once he’s confronted with the truth, he acknowledges, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Carlos forgives Kiera for keeping her secrets, but makes it clear he has to be told the truth. “Second Truths” end with Kiera stating, “My name is Kiera and I am from 2077…”

We’ve finally reached the point where Kiera feels she can unburden herself to Carlos, and while their relationship may grow stronger for it, I wonder how this will affect her relationship with Alec, since they seem to be growing apart. He knows the truth about Kiera, so how will others be able to pressure him into revealing what he knows? I fear Emily and Kellogg will start making life difficult for Alec. Will he trust Kiera with his problems, or, like Kiera, will he decide to start keeping things to himself?

Although we finally met Mr. Escher, I was disappointed to see that he wasn’t someone we’d seen before. I was kind of hoping it was Kellogg. I wonder if Emily is working for him, or Liber8, or even Kellogg, who might be testing Alec’s trustworthiness (I doubt it, but it’s possible). And…where is Jason? He and Alec were supposed to work on something together and he’s just disappeared. Has he traveled back to 2077?

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