Arrested Development: “Blockheads”

“Blockheads” is the final episode of the fourth season. This one starts with Michael and George Michael playing lie tag on the phone. George Michael was supposed to meet his dad at the club, but runs into Rebel Alley instead. Michael calls because he can’t get into the club, and starts the lie tag saying he’s in a traffic jam because of an accident. George Michael, interested in getting to know Rebel, leaves a message where he jumps on Michael’s lie, upsetting his dad. So much so, he finally finds a way to get into the club, but doesn’t find George Michael because he hides in a photobooth with Rebel. George “Maharis,” hiding in the photobooth with Rebel, leads to a kiss.

4x15_Blockheads_(042)After being hit with a ball and going to student health services, he realizes his dad is still important to him. He tries to reach out but when Michael’s pride makes him say no, George Michael calls Rebel, who, while on a date with Michael, is ready to leave because of Lindsey and Herbert Love. George Michael once again has to put his father off when Michael calls back to say that he now *does* want to have dinner with him, because he has already invited Rebel over. At the dorm, George Michael runs into trouble when P-Hound comes back. George Michael found a picture of Maeby that P-Hound took while she was brushing her teeth. It suggests that George Michael may still have feelings for her. It is obvious that P-Hound does. George Michael makes him leave because Rebel is coming and P-Hound doesn’t take it lightly. When Rebel gets there, she is amazed by how unpretentious George Maharis is, and finds “anything goes in a dorm” to be a great motto. Later, P-Hound calls for a vote to kick George Michael out and a thoughtless comment from George Michael gets all the twins against him and, like his dad before him, he is forced to silently leave the dorm. I’ll bet he wishes he’d packed.

As he is leaving, he runs into GOB, who is insistent on giving him a forget-me-now so that George Michael will forget what happened at the Tony Wonder show. It is this incident, coupled with GOB’s manipulation, that leads to George Michael purchasing a home in Sudden Valley, out of love and support for his dad. The Sudden Valley residents welcomed George Michael to the neighborhood every chance they got, which is funny and creepy at the same time. A bunch of creepy child molester physical jokes ensue. When Rebel visits George Maharis at his house, he learns she has a son with Gerard Depardieu and his desire to keep her is nearly successful at pushing her away. She tells him she doesn’t want to be serious.

George Michael talks to Maeby about his problems with Rebel. However, when George Michael sees the office and all of the work that Maeby has done for a company that doesn’t exist, he fires her. This makes Maeby, eager for revenge, tell Michael that she doesn’t know who Rebel’s “other guy” is, but let’s him know that Rebel wants her relationships “easily breezily,” which causes Michael to head to Rebel’s for what turns out to be the best sex of his life. As he’s leaving, he steals what he think is a photo of him and Rebel in the photo booth, but it turns out to be a photo of Rebel with George Michael. Michael, upset, calls Maeby to let her know she is out of the movie and then heads to Sudden Valley to deal with GOB and all of the sex offenders who live there. That’s when he discovers that George Michael now lives there. They talk about their girlfriends and only George Michael doesn’t know that they are talking about the same girl. Michael goes back to the apartment and finds a note that makes him realize he is going to offer Lucille 2 his body for an extension on the money he owes her.

4x15_Blockheads_(63)George Michael goes to Cinco de Quatro for advice from GOB, which, of course, doesn’t go anywhere. GOB tries to get money from George Sr. for the Mongols that put up the wall, but there is no money. The Mongol horde rampages, prompting Lindsey’s speech to change from Herbert Love accusations to “Put Up This Wall” and George Michael, finding a note from anonymous and thinking it was from Rebel, hears the chant and agrees that he’s going to put up the wall on the internet. However, the note doesn’t come from Rebel, but the internet hacking group Anonymous.

George Michael goes to Rebel after Cinco and gives her the note he thinks is from her. She thinks the note is from him and gives him a night to remember. However, while she is on the phone with Michael (which he doesn’t know), he decides he needs to be serious in order for the relationship to work. Rebel agrees, despite having just agreed to the same thing from Michael. As George Michael is leaving, he runs into his father. He sees his dad has a present for Rebel and that’s when he learns that he and his dad are dating the same woman. George Michael says he would never have continued to date her if he’d known that his dad was also seeing her, but then he remembers something his dad said. “Right down to the photo booth.” And he knew that his dad had known and continued to see Rebel. The episode officially ends with George Michael punching Michael in the nose. What a couple of blockheads.

Next time (next season?) on Arrested Development, GOB is going to be in charge of the Bluth Company, but Tony Wonder, taking a forget-me-now, has remembered everything except taking a forget-me-now. Also, with Lucille 2 missing, the police think that Buster is her killer. Since Buster was the only one not out of the movie, Ron Howard is able to use the rights to possibly make a movie out of the suspected murder.
Single Viewing Review: The “Sound of Silence”, the photo booth, the prolonged silences while George Michael thinks of a response and Ron Howard narrates, Sudden Valley’s child molesters party, there is so much going on that is funny. GOB actually saying the “n” in bologna, Michael Bluth being the only Bluth that Lucille 2 doesn’t want… I loved it. Heartbreaking and funny at the same time.

Binge Viewing Review: This episode not only nicely rounds out the season, closing any questions we may have had for previous seasons, but gives us plenty of fodder for the upcoming season. Because there has to be a season 5. They took the flaws of the first few episodes and turned them into wins, bringing us back the family we had grown to love. So, what exactly does Mort leave on George Michael’s desk that Mr. “Maharis” wasn’t prepared for? And what happened to Lucille 2? Also, we haven’t talked about Sally Sitwell in all of this and we know she is part of this somehow. I’m very excited by the ending, especially between George Michael and his father. Season 5 can’t get here soon enough.
Season Review: We’ve come to appreciate shows that have a little bit of that nervous humor, the kind of humor that is uncomfortable as you watch it happen, but hilarious in hindsight. While I laughed at the child molesters in the neighborhood, there is nothing funny about child molestation in general. We’re most used to this type of humor in shows like The Office, Modern Family, and other mockumentary style shows. While Arrested Development is not truly a mockumentary, as a sitcom it embodies that spirit more than a traditional sitcom. The narration and asides are spot on comedy wise and is reminiscent of the trails we go on when we tell stories. This season had its hits and misses, but overall, a stunningly funny effort has kept the spirit of Arrested Development alive. I’m looking forward to next season.

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