The Veronica Mars Movie: A Sneak Peek

San Diego Comic-Con. Just typing the words fills my mind with the sheer magnitude of cosplayers, nerdy tv shows, or regular tv shows that everyday people nerd out to. If I’d been at  Comic-Con, I would have done my best to be at the Veronica Mars panel. As a fan of Neptune and a follower of “The Bitch”, I proudly let my Marshmallow flag fly! When the Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie was funded–hell, it was extremely, overwhelmingly, ecstatically overfunded–I’m sure the combined exaltation of Mars fans may have shifted the planet a few degrees. We apologize to the year 3025.

With only one day before filming was completed, the cast of Veronica Mars showed the fans a video they put together just for them. It shows us a little bit of everything, from the hope of getting the Kickstarter going to behind-the-scenes shots, all ending with the first official trailer for the new Veronica Mars movie.

vmars2Nothing in the trailer disappoints me. We get to see everyone. All the men look fine as ever, all the women make me want to be them. And Veronica… oh Veronica. How I’ve missed you. The anticipation is getting to me.

The thing I liked about Veronica Mars, when I was watching as a twenty-eight year old, was that while she didn’t have the same life as I did, we are both examples of the resilience of not being able to grow up just being a kid. One might argue that Veronica was very much a teenager when it came to love, but I will argue that she handled love and loss as well or better than many adults.

While she navigated the shark infested aisles of Neptune High, which we all know takes cojones, she also navigated life as a private investigator, working with her father, the disgraced sheriff turned PI, Keith Mars. Her life, though vastly different, spoke to me. The character was well-written–a satisfying update to a childhood favorite, Nancy Drew. There are a ton of people who are forced by circumstances to grow older than their physical age. We had to handle things that should have been too much for our young mentality. Veronica Mars showed us we could overcome them, and continue to overcome them.

So you watched and you rooted for her because it felt, just for a little while, like you were rooting for yourself.

The Veronica Mars movie is slated for release in 2014.


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