Predictions For The Next Arrested Development Project

I forgot to warn my friend about the cliffhanger ending for Arrested Development season 4. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she screamed, after watching the “after the credits” footage. It’s a hard thing to balance “spoilers” and letting friends know they’re in for a shock, and I usually just let things unfold. But it got me thinking, “What’s next?” With the way it all ended, I’m convinced that Mitchell Hurwitz has a plan, and that it’s a big, bold, sweeping finish to the Bluth family saga.

Of course, I wouldn’t say I was anywhere near Hurwitz’s writing aptitude, but I do love puzzling out the clues he’s left us, and I believe I am capable of putting the pieces together and at least speculating about what’s to come. I don’t have solid theories on all the characters, so I’ll concentrate on the few who do have a strong lead-in to whatever the next Arrested Development project looks like.

I think Lindsay and Sally Sitwell will run against each other for Lucille 2 and Herbert Love’s campaigns, since both are out of commission. At the end of the show, we see Sally’s name painted on the stair car and Lindsay in the hospital with Herbert Love, “approved” via a lot of tape and a photo of a Lindsay who looks eerily like her mother, down to the outfit and hair. Sally Sitwell definitely inherited her father’s lack of hair and will probably be humiliated by Lindsay because of it.

Buster is on trial for the murder of Lucille 2, having been caught on tape by the stair car with some bright red substance which cannot be blood. I don’t know where Lucille 2 is, but Buster is innocent (unless he went on a juice binge and somehow killed her while in a juice

blackout). This trial could lead to Michael finally getting to be a lawyer, which is hilarious considering he’ll be defending, well, Captain Hook.

Tony Wonder doesn’t remember their night together, but GOB does, and I think he decides to keep up the relationship without telling Tony that they’ve already had their “sex date”. If Tony keeps taking Forget-Me-Nows, this will be the first time GOB is in a real relationship and the other person doesn’t remember a thing about it. It’s almost heartbreaking.

George Michael and Michael are on rocky soil, and the tiff over Rebel Alley might have finally separated them for good. While Maeby is a product of her parents’ chaotic optimism and keeps repeating their mistakes (I think she’s the perfect example of “arrested development”), George Michael seems to take after his mother, and is supposed to be “the good one”. If George Michael steps away from the family, he might actually end up a mustachioed musician like he’s always dreamed.

This still leaves Tobias, off on an adventure with Marky Bark, George and Lucille, who are on the edge of a nasty divorce, Oscar, and Maeby in the lurch as far as storylines go, but what I’d love to see is Lucille choose between George and Oscar once and for all (or choose neither), what happens with George and his low testosterone levels, and Maeby and George Michael finally work out what kind of relationship they have with each other.

What are your predictions for the next season, or possibly a movie, of Arrested Development?

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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