Under the Dome: “The Endless Thirst”

Under the Dome is hitting its stride.

“The Endless Thirst” opens with the fallout from last week’s conclusion, the military’s thermal-baric missile failing to destroy the dome. Scared, the townsfolk are beginning to unravel. Dumping on further, Alice’s behavior has become erratic as she is out of insulin to medicate her diabetes. dome6.2Delusional, she walks out into the street. Unfortunately, a semi-truck comes by, almost running her over. While Alice stumbles to safety, the truck hits the town’s water supply, dumping all of its contents. As Barbie and Sheriff Linda try to drain more water from the lake, they find it has been contaminated, killing all the fish. The water is undrinkable.

Chester’s Mill begins to unravel, as the endless thirst for power has begun corrupting its people. With the water shortage, propane has become a necessity. Money is no good anymore; local shop owners won’t take it. They want sources of energy as payment. Further, Big Jim knows of a farmer who has enough water to help, but he won’t relinquish a drop unless Big Jim trades him some of the propane he has been stockpiling. Big Jim begrudgingly agrees, but the lines have been drawn. Those living under the dome will either help one another, or savagely take what they need for themselves. Chester’s Mill has become violently unglued.

The Endless ThirstIt’s about time, as “The Endless Thirst” gives us some answers to one of Under the Dome’s biggest questions – what will people do in a fish bowl they can’t get out of? Will they eat themselves or rise above it all? Thankfully, we’re finding out. Some people, namely Sheriff Linda, have tried to stick to their morals, upholding the good, but more and more are falling apart, succumbing to looting, fighting and even murder. Oddly, those who began as unsavory characters, like Barbie, have risen to the occasion and made a difference. To the victor go the spoils. As Barbie has become more of a go-to-guy, he has found his way back into the arms of Julia. I’m betting pillow talk between the two won’t revolve around the fact that he killed Julia’s husband before the dome came down. Who needs to ruin the mood?

As the town falls apart, I have to ponder – would this really happen? Are the laws in society just keeping people restrained enough to give the rest of us a false sense of security? Would it all come tumbling down if we were pushed to the brink, doing whatever was necessary to survive? Perhaps our true nature would be revealed during those moments, whether we would stay in the light or turn toward the dark side (sorry, couldn’t help the Star Wars reference). The answer is likely a murky mixture of the two, as are most things in life.

scorchedearthAs the sixth episode of Under the Dome comes to an end, the dome reveals itself to be more supernatural than once thought. According to Julia, it is finding a way to communicate with its inhabitants. With Chester’s Mill ripping itself apart, the clouds open with pouring rain. The endless thirst of its citizens has been quenched, for now. For Julia, the dome knew of the need and fulfilled it. As well, the dome is clearly communicating through the two teens, Norrie and Joe. What it’s trying to say, it remains unclear, but that element is interesting and has kept me as engaged as the human drama.

“The Endless Thirst” was highly entertaining. It exposed the dark side of human nature in very realistic ways. It also showed, in that situation, how one might have to twist his or her own moral code in order to survive. Angie is confronted with such a dilemma at the episode’s cliffhanger ending. Dark times make strange allies. As Angie may find out, those alliances will likely keep her safe or at least away from Junior while living under the dome.

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