Axe Cop, “Zombie Island…In Space”

Axe Cop isn’t afraid to tackle the ridiculous, whether it’s a villain named Doctor Doo Doo (who is excrement) or Adolf Hitler commissioning a zombie robot in “Zombie Island…In Space”

While some cartoons would want to edge up to making jokes in bad taste, Axe Cop refuses to stoop to that level and instead Hitler is simply another character in the Axe Cop universe. A decidedly bad one. He’s kidnapped Isabella, Chemist M’s daughter, in order to raise an army of zombies to build a zombie robot so he can take over the world. While Chemist M concocts a potion to turn bad zombies into good zombies, Isabella goes to Axe Cop for help.

I love all the little details in “Zombie Island…In Space.” In the background at Axe Cop’s office, you can hear Flute Cop talking to someone over the phone, attempting to get a late fee from the Dinosaur Horde Sore waived. Chemist M did succeed with a potion, but before he could put in the required cinnamon, a zombie ate his brains. Watching the video, Flute Cop plays a sad song in an attempt to soothe Isabella.

Nick Offerman plays Axe Cop to perfection. There are so many great lines in each episode. I keep wishing I had Offerman’s tone and delivery down so I could go around quoting Axe Cope. My favorite line from “Zombie Island…In Space”: “I hope you like being dead, Doctor Doo Doo.”

What’s funny about “Zombie Island…InSpace” is the fascination with gross things that little kids have. Malachai creates a character called Doctor Doo Doo that kills people by having them poop themselves to death. I don’t know of a more terrible way to go. Axe Cop thinks poop is disgusting, and when granted a wish (by the Queen of England, for saving the world from pooping itself to death), he wishes all poop would go into space and no one would poop again. Wish granted, we hear Flute Cop muttering, “Oh, that wasn’t necessary. I enjoy a good poop.”

Whether you mind crudeness or not, you can’t deny the outrageous hilarity of an evil poop villain.

Malachai also has a fascination with England, I think it has been mentioned or become part of the plotline in every episode to date. I don’t know if it’s the accent, or the Queen, or something else that intrigues him, but it’s a delightful influence on the Axe Cop universe, allowing him another place to visit on Earth besides Washington (where Malachai is from). Isabella has a British accent, and Axe Cop must visit London, England to confront Doctor Doo Doo about his evil plans.

Luckily, Isabella has made the potion and turned all the zombies into good zombies, so they all come to help Axe Cop fight Doctor Doo Doo and his minions. There’s a recurring joke between Flute Cop and Isabella that cracks me up as well: whenever Flute Cop rescues her she stares into his eyes and he has to remind her that he’s married. “Seriously, I’m married.”

Although Axe Cop is only 10 minutes long, it manages to unfold a cohesive story in a very short amount of time, and that, paired with beautiful animation, a stellar voice cast and surprising twists, ensures its place as one of the best animated television shows I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m hoping FOX decides to renew Axe Cop, since they’ve said the show will stretch from ten minutes to thirty if and when it’s renewed.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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