Reading Our Minds: Netflix User Profiles

PersonalizedGenreNetflix user profiles couldn’t have come at a better time. I love comedy as much as the next girl, but when I’m watching shows like Orange is the New Black and my sister is watching every Kat Williams comedy movie in existence on Netflix, I can see the Netflix computer doing that little headshake before staring at us with permanently crossed eyes. How do you marry those two very diverse tastes?

Or how about when you are trying to watch a couple of documentaries so that you get only music docs, docs that talk about race, or only docs by Michael Moore, and your younger brother starts watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Can you honestly see the Netflix computer being able to come up with acceptable connecting movies? Would you honestly get Pirates of the Caribbean because you watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates? And heaven forbid the titles that could come up from documentaries for the viewing pleasures of your 3 year old.

If you are a Netflix user who has struggled with sharing your Netflix account with others, last Thursday brought some welcome news. There are now Netflix user profiles. The user profiles allow multiple users for an account to have their own separate space so that the viewing preferences can remain separate. According to Netflix:

Starting today, Netflix members can create a separate “profile” for each member of their household, who will each see a uniquely personalized experience based upon their individual watching habits, their personal favorite shows, and favorite genres, all driven by Netflix recommendation technology. Each account can have up to five profiles, included at no extra cost in the basic subscription price.

This is good news for people who don’t want their Witty TV Dramas to be overtaken by their boyfriend’s Sentimental Romantic Comedies. The profiles will be connected to Facebook accounts which will also let you see suggestions from your friends. This should add another level of personalization and discovery.

Netflix user profiles will be available to all users in the next couple of weeks. New users can add members while signing up and existing members can add members through and on PlayStation 3. These profiles can be accessed through most mobile devices, and all within the next few months. How happy are you to see Netflix user profiles added to the services provided by Netflix?




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