Axe Cop, “An American Story”

I’m going to do my best to avoid quoting all the best lines of “An American Story” so you can enjoy this episode as much as I did.

I didn’t think it could get better than the first Axe Cop episode, “Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back” but, boy, my expectations were exceeded. Any time a Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up with Gatling gun arms and a powdered wig I should probably just sit back and let my expectations fly.

“An American Story” is what Axe Cop tells his buddies at an Independence Day barbecue. Apparently, his several greats-grandfather was named Book Cop. He possessed the Secret Attack Almanac allowing him to defeat the British army (with his pointer fingers and a slice of the earth), fight the King of England, who suspiciously resembles the monarch of Burger King, and rebuild his house or make dinner with a wave of his hand.

Book Cop’s friends Stockingarang and Fife Cop (forebears of Sockarang and Flute Cop) ask him to join their group, the Minute Men, to fight off the British. “There’s just one problem,” says Book Cop. “I’m a RIGHT NOW man.”

After the British are defeated, the King of England sends him a note to let him know that the Secret Attack Almanac has been stolen and that the only way to get it back is to visit London and kill the king. Which of course, Axe Cop does, riding a book like a surfboard.

Unfortunately, the Poison Tidal Wave Secret Attack doesn’t work on the king, since he has 4,000 lives left after Axe Cop killed him 1,000 times. An epic battle ensues as they try to kill each other thousands of times. The end result is…spectacularly horrifying while probably the nerdiest way to kill someone. I’ll just leave it at that.

There’s also a surprise ending for “An American Story”; the barbecue wasn’t just for kicks. Apparently there were bad guys present but instead of getting their heads chopped they were killed by a sweet, sweet confection. “Axe Cop, how did you know I wouldn’t eat the cake?!” asks one of his friends. Axe Cop doesn’t answer.

I’ve done more research on the creation of the show and while Malachai Nicholle and Ethan Nicholle are responsible for creating the series, the two writers are actually Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein. Nick Offerman asked a friend to look into making a show from the web comic and it became a team effort with Ethan Nicholle. They’ve kept the sensibility of the comic, the feel of Axe Cop, and the raw epic-ness of a child’s imagination. My favorite part is that when the writers get stuck they talk to Malachai who offers suggestions and plot fixes.

FOX said that if the show is well received it might move to a thirty minute segment. Only four ten-minute episodes have aired, so there isn’t much data to go on, but I don’t know that a thirty minute segment would work as well as the shorts. For the majority of the population I’d probably just recommend a small dose.

If 11:00 at night is past your bedtime but you’d still like to see the show you can visit and click on the TV banner to see all the current episodes.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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