Director Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Campaign Proves Successful

Controversial director, Spike Lee, launched a Kickstarter campaign for his latest film on July 22nd, with a set goal of 1.25 million. As of today, he has exceeded that goal by several thousand dollars.

Following in the footsteps of director Zach Braff, as well as the team behind the Veronica Mars project, Spike Lee has taken advantage of Kickstarter in order to fund his film. He has reaped huge benefits, much to the dismay of several critics. Spike Lee stands by his decision, stating that, “We were doing Kickstarter before there was Kickstarter”. The director has struggled in the industry to get many of his ambitious projects funded, including his last film, Red Hook Summer, which he financed himself.

The rewards for the many backers are plentiful. 31 backers will be treated to a day on the set of the film, a film class taught by Lee, and a sit-in during one of the editing sessions. The remaining 26 backers – including director Steven Soderberg – will join Lee for dinner and a Knicks game.

Spike Lee’s fully funded film will focus on “human beings who are addicted to blood.”


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