Dexter: “Are We There Yet”

Better. But are we there yet, getting Dexter back to its brilliant form of old? No.

“Are We There Yet” was thankfully stronger than Dexter’s previous episode, the one which had me in a panic last week. But not by much.

ep8newpic3The episode begins with our favorite members of Miami Metro investigating the murder of Dexter’s neighbor. She was killed in an eerily similar way to one a few episodes ago. This sparks Dexter to quietly uncover the blood under her fingernails came from the murderous boy wonder himself: Zack. Dexter goes to hunt Zack with his old lover, Hannah. They take a romantic, scenic drive along the seashore to kill Zack.

Half way through the episode, I was dumbfounded, asking myself the question: are we there yet? Is this what was to become of the third last episode? Dexter’s now predictable: he is still in love with Hannah, will defend her and lie about his time with her to Deb. Even when Deb finds them together and confronts Hannah, Deb lets go of her hold on Dexter, giving him completely to her nemesis.

Hannah has such a spell on Dexter, he is not himself. Personally, he’s not the Dexter I enjoy. He’s dough eyed, always worried about Hannah and looking like a lost puppy doing so. He’s so focused on her, he looses control of his life, and for a serial killer as careful as Dexter, this could lead to his demise. Is this how Dexter will end? Love being his undoing? It’s difficult to say right now, but with only two episodes left, there’s not many avenues the writers have left us. And while Deb is pondering leaving her job as a private detective and going back on the police force, her boss is persisting with the sighting of Hannah McKay in Miami. Will this lead to Hannah being caught, and in turn Dexter? Or will Dexter have to kill off Deb’s boss? Many questions still persist, but they weren’t all that engrossing, all except one.

Episode 808That came from the ending –the best part of “Are We There Yet.” It was clearly the moment that saved the episode. In a shocker, the Brain Surgeon is still on the loose. He never was A.J. Yates. In a major plot twist, someone has been watching Dexter. This someone knows who he is, and his connection to Dr. Vogel. Who is this mysterious killer? I have a terrible guess, but it’s my only one right now. Could it be Deputy Chief Matthews? He knows Vogel, was close friends with Dexter’s dad, and could know about Dexter. In his own way, he protected Dexter from LaGuerta’s pursuit of him last season. It’s likely an embarrassing stretch but is there anyone else that we’ve seen thus far with the motive? Here’s an even bigger stretch – how about Jamie, Angel’s sister? Now she might not be the Brain Surgeon, but how about killing Dexter’s neighbor. She’s a little crazy, as she did date Louis Greene last year, who turned out to be a total psycho. She’s overly emotional and has an immature hang up with Deb. Something could have popped in her brain, where she felt that by killing the neighbor and framing Zack, Quinn could become Sergeant as he was pushing the arrest of Zack all along. It’s a stretch and ridiculous, but in case it happens, you heard it here first.

One thing worth commenting on was the elongated sex scene near episode’s end between Dexter and Hannah. Now, I’m not one to complain about the carnal nature of TV shows, but this was so out of place; it didn’t fit the episode one bit. It was drawn out, a little uncomfortable and I was asking myself, are we there yet? Are they really going to eat up the last season with this? Do we really need it? Perhaps Dexter has gone on too long. Did the writers Jump-The-Shark at the end of Season 6, when Deb saw Dexter killing Travis Marshall? I always thought that would be a great way to end the series, with a giant question mark. It seems since then the show has gone down some un-Dexter-like story-lines, ones that might not be working for the original tone of the show.

Changing the show’s fabric in its final few seasons might have given it more time in TV land, but was it really worth it? Only two more episodes to find out.

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