How Season 8 is Killing Dexter

I’m dumbfounded.

After Sunday night’s episode “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” Dexter is only one episode away from series completion. And what have we been treated to? Mostly, a lack luster story-line meandering in all directions that has left me extremely uninspired for the last episode.

The Last Episode!


Season 8 began with promise. In the midst of trying to hunt down another serial killer, this time The Brain Surgeon, Dexter came in contact with Dr. Vogel, the woman who helped his father Harry in creating The Code. As well, Dexter’s other half, his sister Deb, was tanking out completely after she murdered LaGuerta last season. Some great moments, some promising story-lines; early into Season 8, there was much excitement and anticipation for what the writers would do to end Dexter.

But what has happened since has been a travesty to those of us who have had a crush on a certain serial killer for 8 years.

809-3First, the heat conjured by Dr. Vogel’s presence in Dexter’s life completely cooled off halfway through the season. In a seemingly random change of plot, Hannah returned in Dexter’s life. Not that it’s shocking that Hannah would return in the series, but that her return has flat lined the Dr. Vogel story-line – a story-line now attempting recitation in “Make Your Own Kind of Music.” As well, it has made Dexter unlikable. He has lost the elements that made him so fantastic for so many years. Gone are his hilarious voice-over one liners and his piercing stare at a guilty party across a crowded room. Even his rolls of plastic and killing table haven’t been used much this season. What has happened? Were the writers completely out of ideas? Surely, they could have come up with something better than Dexter in love.

As well, what was with the story-line following Zack and Dexter? Dexter was about to take him under his wing and teach him the Code. But now he’s dead and all that screen time has been seemingly wasted. Speaking of waste, what about all the time given to Masuka and his daughter or Deb hanging with her boss who wants only to get it on with her. It never pushed the main story forward. Was this because said story didn’t exist? Multiple strands have pulled Dexter in many directions instead of giving us one solid story arc. Now there is a new threat to Dexter but this killer has only been introduced in the episode right before the finale. Really? There has been no buildup; it’s falling flat. This is mainly how Season 8 is killing Dexter.

With only one episode to go, the creators of Dexter have failed to give an exciting buildup to series finale. Now, I am a fan. But I don’t think its asking too much for people who have invested this much time, to have something memorable. Unless something drastic happens in Dexter’s final hour, it will go down as a huge disappointment.

Dexter-809-2431-r-jpg_190748Not to beat a dead horse, but I have to comment again on Hannah. How can someone who is a known fugitive return to the place where they recently escaped from and not change her hair. Let’s take “Make Your Own Kind of Music” as an example. Dexter calls Hannah, telling her a US Marshall has just visited him looking for her. Now, Dexter is a careful murderer. He knows how to not get caught. Yet, when he picks her up, she’s wearing a tight, short pink dress with her blonde hair flowing in the breeze. And Dexter doesn’t bat an eye. How about a hair cut, some hair dye, and frumpy looking clothes just in case a male cop turns his head (as men are known to do when a scantly clad woman strolls by) and spots her. She hasn’t been out of Miami for that long. It’s just poor writing. It doesn’t make sense for a series that prided itself on just that to now be departing from its innovative story-telling.

Maybe the biggest question coming out of “Make Your Own Kind of Music” is will anybody care that there are two weeks until Dexter’s final episode? If you’re like me, are you just watching it because of the time you’ve put in? Can you really not watch the series finale? With this episode sucking all remnants of anticipation from this viewer, I can’t see any other reason than just to do what my mom always told me – finish what you started.

One episode left, Dexter. You have one hour to change my mind about Season 8.

Please do.

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