The Newsroom: “Election Night, Part 2”

So, how was “Election Night, Part 2,” the season 2 finale of The Newsroom?

A little bit of a let down.

This isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault. The tension coming into the finale had hit such a peak; it would have been difficult to top. But with the season Aaron Sorkin had brought us thus far, it was what I expected.

“Election Night, Part 2” was essentially a wrap up party. All story-lines, most from this season, but one big one from the first, were nicely tied up. There are no lingering questions, no cliffhangers we have to wait for. Nothing was left hanging; what we were left with was a fantastic season of television.

So why did I feel let down?

APerhaps it’s inevitable. All the bombshells fell in the episodes leading up to “Election Night, Part 2.” Some answers given in the finale were predictable. Was Reese really going to fire both Will and Charlie? Was Will really going to fire the love of his life and let her walk out of his life forever? Was Don not the obvious choice for the one who bought Sloan’s book?

The unpredictable nature of season 2 leading into “Election Night, Part 2” had simmered in the finale except for one touching moment involving the big romance of last season. Jim takes a quiet moment with Maggie to talk about her dicing her hair and how she was courageous going back after the child when she was in Uganda. This leads to them reminiscing about Jim’s first day in the newsroom. It was touching and heartfelt. This resolution even wraps up Maggie’s roommate storyline. Jim talks with Lisa as she is conveniently moonlighting upstairs as a cocktail waitress. In turn, Lisa talks with Maggie. Everything is seemingly forgiven; we can all live happily ever after right?

The conclusion of Season 2 would let us believe so.

With everything wound down to a close in “Election Night, Part 2,” only one question remains. Is this it for The Newsroom? The wrapping up of story-lines was so complete, it makes me wonder. Being such a success, I would assume The Newsroom will return but for how long? Now that the biggest question has been answered, will they or won’t they get together, where does a show go from here? Although couples getting together doesn’t have to capsize a television series, keeping them apart does make it for far more interesting, provocative and tense when viewing.

newsroom_season_two_finale_-_h_-_2013As a personal aside, I’m taking a minor victory lap for predicting the direction of Will and Mac in my review of the last episode, seeing as my predictions are usually so abysmal. I’m definitely batting far below the Mendoza Line with those (please tell me someone else out there knows this baseball reference). But more of me feels melancholy by the ending. The engine thrusting The Newsroom forward since its inception, the tension between Will and Mac, will be different. If there is a Third Season, we will find out if it’s still intriguing.

My second victory has to do with Don. He goes on a terrific triad about lawyers as he wants to countersue Jerry Dantana for ‘intentional infliction of emotional distress.’ Sound absurd again. Don’t worry, it is. As is Don’s further rant, remarking how ridiculous the world has become when you have to put on a box of pudding that it will get hot when heated or the warning in your iron instructions warning you not to iron clothes while wearing them. It’s farcical, but a reality. It seems the law doesn’t have time for common sense. But lawyers have countless billable hours for those who have none. This is similar to a triad I went off on in my last review although my words weren’t written nearly as well as Sorkin’s.

While “Election Night, Part 2” offered a little let down, this season of The Newsroom, on a whole, was terrific. It surpassed the first and cemented itself as one of the better shows on television. Hopefully, it will be back. Jeff Daniels has announced it will return for Season 3 on Twitter. While the end of Season 2 felt more like the closure of a series, I’m glad to hear that.

If I care to believe what’s on Twitter anyway.

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