The Legend of Korra: Book 2 Openers

It seems like just yesterday we were all worried about whether or not there would be a follow up season to The Legend of Korra: Book 1. Then, on one of the most ominous dates on the calendar, Korra makes her return to our televisions with a brand new Book 2. Ok so we knew it was coming and the return wasn’t as sudden as I made it out to be, but then again, it kind of was.

The first thing I noticed about Book 2 was that it will be to Book 1 what The Legend of Korra is to The Last Airbender story, in that they share the perfect balance of new and old. It feels like it’s already going in a different direction than the first book but with all the same characters we know and love.

The first episode gives us a look at how the lives of the main characters have changed since the events from before. What’s great about this show is the underlying themes and messages it presents to it’s wide ranging audience. Each character is moving forward at her or his own pace, and while new things are beginning, old things are having to adjust. Take Bolin for example. With Korra and Mako off exploring their new career paths, he has to carry the team on his own. Speaking of careers, Mako is now a hotshot police officer and he really seems to enjoy it. Now if you look at the sentence preceding this one, it feels like something you would write about a real person, at the very least a live action character, and that’s what makes The Legend of Korra so great, their ability to write these animated characters on levels that actually make you appreciate their happiness.

Unalaq and TonraqBut Book 2 is not all sunshine and rainbows. Actually, there are very little of those. As new characters are introduced, so are new troubles. The beginning of the first episode introduces what promises to be the new conflict; angry spirits are attacking ships on the open ocean, and as the Avatar, it is Korra’s responsibility to find a peace with the spirit world. The arrival of Korra’s uncle, who is the chief of the Northern Water Tribes, is all too soon as he knows how to calm and disperse the angry spirits.

And just like that, Korra has a new option for a teacher in the ways of the Avatar. The only problem is the fact that Unalaq is promising to teach her the ways of the spirits whereas Tenzin is teaching her the complete package that comes with being an Avatar. Of course Korra, who we like to forget is still a young lady, is tired of having the responsibility of world peacekeeper and the voice of a daughter. The tension of the situation leads her into the teachings of Unalaq. But I feel like she’s also learning that being the Avatar means having to think of the well-being of the people and hopefully Book 2 explores that. In the first one she was forced to worry about being able to remain the Avatar so this book should focus on what it means to actually be the Avatar.

spirit fightAs Korra’s training under her new teacher begins immediately, the gang travels with her to the Southern Spirit Temple to open the portal between worlds. His intentions as stated are still that he wants to help Korra understand what it means to be the bridge between the spirit world and the living world, but as he is written in true to the series fashion we aren’t sure if we can trust him.

The end is when our trust is solidified as Unalaq starts taking over the southern tribe lands by a show of force.

The best tid-bit of Book 2 so far is the other new characters Eska and Desna, Unalaq’s twin children. Mainly Eska as she is Bolin’s new girlfriend, and she is voiced by the ever so graceful Aubrey Plaza! So what do you think folks? Glad to have Korra back? Is her return what you thought it would be?


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  • BrianLeeMartin

    I am shocked that you made it all the way through this article without mentioning Varrick. He is to Legend of Korra what Lando Calrissian is to The Empire Strikes Back.

    • dustin_sanson

      John Michael Higgins is perfect for the role too! You are right, he’s the best new character and definitely deserved a mention.