Frictional Games releases teaser trailer for space horror game

Frictional Games, developer of Amensia: A Dark Descent (not to be confused with its recent sequel Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs which was developed by The Chinese Room), has released the first trailer for their next title after the success of the original Amensia. 

What appears to be a space-themed horror game, the trailer was released through the site The site, in the guise of a database belonging to a fictional ‘Soma Systems’, is releasing trailers as files are ‘recovered’ within the database.

The first, released today, is titled “Item #2656 – ‘Vivarium'” and shows engineer Imogen Reed attempting to power on and study the item, which has “the appearance of a heavily modified monitor fixed to a massive nest of cables and controls” per the flavor text on the site. The description of the video hints at the inauspicious circumstances in which the artifact was recovered during a salvage mission at a location whose identity has been redacted. The artifact had been placed under quarantine upon recovery prior to Reed’s examination.

In the trailer Reed is successful in her attempts to power on the machine, however what the monitor displays sends her into a panic…

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