The Legend of Korra: Civil Wars Part 2

After the cliffhanger at the end of part one, Civil Wars Part 2 had no choice but to bring all the tensions to the surface. The first thing I noticed was how different Korra is starting to behave. As her parents were locked up and put into the police vehicles, she channeled her concerns and didn’t resort to violence and free her parents or even stop them from being arrested. It’s one of those moments that, if it had happened in the first book, Korra would have most certainly fought the police and her uncle, but it seems that lessons with the cool-headed Tenzin are helping her reach the attitude that an avatar should have.

When it comes to the trial however, you can see where her resolve is starting to wear thin as she’s forced to testify against her father and can see how the judicial system is leaning towards incarcerating a good man based on the idea that he was a part of the rebellion meetings. Once the judge reaches the verdict of guilty and sentences each of the accused to death, Korra threatens his life. After Unalaq convinces the judge to stay the death sentence, the accused are sentenced to life in prison.

Bolin’s troubled relationship seems to be the moments for levity that these episodes need. Civil Wars Part 2 is filled with intense emotions confrontationfrom Korra and the others surrounding the rebellion talks and trials. So Bolin’s light-hearted naiveté helps break the tension as he tries to end things with his girlfriend who seems bent on treating him like a servant instead of love interest. The best part is, just when he thinks he reached an agreement with Eska, she ropes him into an engagement!

After Tonraq was sentenced to prison, Korra seemed too complacent with the decision but after she tells her father she plans to break him out immediately, it’s much more satisfying to see her still being herself and keeping true to her personality along with growing as the avatar.

Korra finally gets to the bottom of things with a little interrogation technique called “Naga” and finds out her uncle is lying to her as well as betraying his father because years ago their disagreement resulted in his banishment. The best part of Civil Wars Part 2 comes when Korra aang family portraitsets out to break her father out of prison and upon learning that he has been sent to the prison, confronts her uncle and finally chooses a side. And it’s always good to see Korra fight an experienced bender because no matter how good they are, they still only control one element.

The last five minutes brings the excitement as Korra (and team) collect her father and escape through the blockade set up by the northern troops. Thanks to Varrick they are able to take a ship and leave the southern tribe lands.

Tenzin finally returns to the rest of the family with Ikki and lets everyone know that they have both learned a valuable lesson from the days events. The writers even throw in a picture of Aang and Katara’s family for the audience which is a beautiful thing to do because we would still like to know more about the life he lead as the Avatar.


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