Halloween Retro 101: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There are so many things that can be said The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is a film that has to grow on certain people, but as for everyone else – well, let’s just say it’s an obsession. We simply love and embrace the pure audacity of it all. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an outlandishly bawdy homage to B-movies, sci-fi, and horror – with some of the catchiest songs ever written and some of the strangest characters that you will ever meet.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is narrated by a man simply credited as The Criminologist (who has no neck) and tells the story of Brad and Janet, a clean cut, newly engaged couple who happen upon a creepy castle on a dark and stormy night. Once inside, they realize that the castle is inhabited by transvestites from the planet of Transsexual in Transylvania. Once they meet the ringleader, Dr. Frank N Furter, the fun really begins – and Brad and Janet will never be the same.

The cast is to die for. As Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Tim Curry tears up the screen. He chews up every bit of scenery in which he is present. His performance certainly does deserve the acclaim that it has received. It is a master class in extreme camp! Not every man will dress up in a teddy and fishnets, but Tim Curry grits his teeth, bares his claws, and dives in to the role with total abandon! The other actors simply do not have time to breathe around him, and yet they manage to hold their own. Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick play our hero and our heroine, Brad and Janet, the nuttiest duo to ever grace the silver screen. Meatloaf also has a memorable role as a man named Eddie, who shares half of his brain with Frank-N-Furter’s latest creation – a blond, buff, and not entirely bright male sex toy named Rocky, who spends most of his time running around in a golden Speedo. Rocky also successfully seduces the virginal Janet, who (gasp) was supposedly saving herself for her fiancee, the conservative Republican asshole, Brad! Oh, Janet! You slut!

Oh, yes. There will be corruption! This is a tale rife with sex, murder, and all manner of debauchery! And let’s not forget about the singing! You’re just gonna love Frank’s floor show!


The Rocky Horror Picture Show works with or without the element of  audience participation that has given the film its legendary status over the years. It is one of the great camp classics of all time. It is one of only two films that Jim Sharman directed – the other being a lackluster sequel to Rocky Horror, entitled Shock Treatment. However, Sharman has given us one of the greatest cinematic gifts of all time with Rocky Horror. If you are willing to let go and enjoy the ride, you will have a blast. Fans should definitely run out and grab the Blu-ray, as the transfer is absolutely gorgeous. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has never looked better! The new sound mix is also to die for. The music comes in loud and clear, just the way you want it to, from the opening strains of “Science Fiction Double Feature”, to the “Time Warp, to “Sweet Transvestite”, and, finally, to the very last musical number, “Superheroes”, which is included on the U.K. version of the film. Aside from the restored print and sound, the disc is jam-packed with special features. It is a must-own.

Assholes! Sluts! Take notice: Halloween isn’t Halloween without The Rocky Horror Picture Show! It will make you shiver with AN-TI-CI…PATION!

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