Arrow: “Identity”

Arrow continues to show its true identity in the second episode from Season 2. There are a few laughs, a few awkward moments and a few surprises. In short, Arrow’s identity is what good bad TV is all about: a whole lot of fun.

Okay, maybe bad is too strong of a word. How about never-to-win-an-Emmy? But there is nothing wrong with that. It’s part of Arrow’s charm.

72ff61727a12d91cdeef9d82f6cb8f8e“Identity” opens with Oliver doing chin ups holding himself up in mid air, shirtless, his body dripping with sweat. The scene is ridiculous but typical Arrow so, at this point, it’s expected. While he’s working out, a truck full of medical supplies to Glades Memorial is hijacked by an old villain, China White, and her new sidekick the Bronze Tiger, or the DC version of Wolverine. Come on, the claws are a dead give away. Trying to run interference on the two thieves is Roy Harper, Thea’s boyfriend and Starling City do-gooder after the Hood saved him last season. But, Harper can’t stop them and only ends up in police custody.

Much of the humor in “Identity” is caught up between Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle. There is a terrific scene where Felicity is whole-heartedly against posing as Oliver’s secretary, a needed cover for their secret work. Although she fights the demotion kicking and screaming, she is still adorably head-over-heels for him. Diggle chimes in with a great one liner, commenting on how she shouldn’t feel so bad, he’s filling a stereotype himself:  the black driver. Its lighthearted and terrific stuff.

“Identity” unravels more of how Oliver became the Hood with his flashbacks to time on the mysterious island. His true identity is coming forth as he copes with murdering another man with his hands wrapped around a large rock I might add. It leads to Oliver falling even more for Shado, which will likely lead to the hardening of Mr. Queen. We know one thing for certain; he is the only one to come off that dreaded island.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-2“Identity” offers an interesting social fashion commentary as well. What is it about this season and all the women in Arrow, Felicity included, consistently wearing relatively short, tight fitting dresses with extremely high heels? Not that I’m complaining. But it stands out and not in the ways the creators may want it to, at least not with this viewer. It’s becoming so common place; it borders on the absurd. Let’s be real. How is a woman supposed to maneuver around broken glass and bullets in high heels and a dress that really is not meant to run in? It’s fun to watch, but let’s give the girls a fighting chance shall we? Someone could definitely roll an ankle.

Of note, the loss of Tommy last season has left Laurel less interesting. She is losing her own identity in the process. There is no longer a love triangle; Laurel seems hell bent on catching the Hood. It has left her too one dimensional as opposed to the many sides of her we were introduced to last season. Granted it is only two episodes in, but she is a well known and somewhat rounded character that has distinctly changed and not just her hair style. Maybe she needs the part in her hair to go back to last year’s model; that might have kept her in balance.

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