Supernatural, “I’m No Angel”

Finally, we get a Cas-focused episode on “I’m No Angel.” While I feel bad for Cas, and he is in grave danger, I feel like this is an excellent choice on the writers’ part because it lets him understand the Winchester brothers on a deeper level than before. At last he understands the hardships of the human condition all wrapped up in needs and hope and despair and faith and loss.

I did have to shed a tear when Cas decided to use the moniker “Clarence” as he kept a low profile. I’m still not over Meg’s death, especially when she was so happy to have found her “unicorn.” (Let sobbing from all the feels commence!)

“I’m No Angel” is hinting at something I was hoping Supernatural would address; God is still distant, and we’re not sure if He’s even around anymore. He’s definitely not listening, and the world is falling apart from all the demonic and angelic grabs at power. Is Castiel going to find God? Will someone else become God? Do they need God?

The conversation between Castiel and the praying woman at the church was a powerful statement about faith especially because it didn’t address specifics or come from a specific worldview, per se. It spoke to the human condition, the need to feel that there is a bigger purpose outside of ourselves, that we need someone to listen to our complaints, hopes, dreams, grievances, and pain. Castiel’s cynicism and inside knowledge provide a dark contrast, but his doubt is stalled by the woman who gently reminds him that his beliefs do not in any way intrude on hers.

It’s fascinating to see Castiel take on the role of a human. With no grace he must learn to do what all humans learn as children: eat, use the restroom, sleep. He is a newborn, for all intents and purposes, although he learns quickly out of self-preservation; he gets an angel ward tattoo to become invisible to the amassed forces out hunting him. He’s already killed a few angels in his human state which is a sure sign that he is well on his way to becoming another Winchester.

I’m ecstatic to see more about the Reapers even though I’m terrified about what they’ll do to Cas. He’s already being hunted by angels and it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught unaware or cornered.

Another thing “I’m No Angel” managed to do was create a conflict that I haven’t seen too often. Dean must choose between Sam and Cas. It creates a conflict that will have many implications for the entire season. Dean will always choose Sam over anyone, but Cas is also family. How is Dean going to keep track of Cas while ensuring Sam is healing properly? What if something happens to Cas? Dean will never forgive himself.

Cas, meanwhile, is about to face life on his own. He doesn’t have a brother or sister to share life with. And without the Winchester boys who is going to put up with his odd behavior? Or, more importantly, who will he be willing to put in danger just so he can find some companionship? He is delving deep into what it is to be a Winchester. While he may not have a sibling or family close by, he is understanding for the first time the lonely life of a hunter. He’s shut out of heaven, and now he’s shoved out of the bunker. He is truly homeless.

I’m also wondering about Ezekiel. If Castiel vouched for him why isn’t he safe with Castiel in the bunker? Is he afraid of Cas and his lack of tact or ability to keep a secret? Is he really afraid that all the angels are going to lay siege to the bunker? Or does he have his own plans for the Winchester brothers?

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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