Supernatural, “Heaven Can’t Wait”

“Heaven Can’t Wait” was probably one of the most interesting episodes of Supernatural I’ve seen in a while. It split Sam and Dean up as Dean went off to hunt things with Castiel in tow and Sam remained in the bunker with Kevin so as not to leave him alone with the likes of Crowley, who has yet to be cooperative when the boys ask for help.

I’m curious to see if the writers are going to take the Castiel storyline all the way to the future Castiel we saw in an earlier season, the one who partied hard and lived life to the fullest every day. Or if we’re going to see Cas actually develop as a human being, which could take some getting used to.

“Heaven Can’t Wait” showed that although Castiel is learning to be human, he’s also learned from his mistakes. He is more humble now, willing to work a lowly job as a sales associate (of which he is proud as it is a lot of responsibility), able to see that he does not do well in a position of too much power. He is attempting to atone for past mistakes by working hard and being responsible. It’s an interesting exercise in self-discipline, and I hope that this will continue to develop.

One of my favorite parts of “Heaven Can’t Wait” were the pre-date scenes with Dean and Cas. The store owner asks Cas if he’s available and Dean drives him to the house and sort of gives him some general advice as well as showing him how to dress (not wearing the work vest). It was such a sweet scene as Dean once again steps into a father’s shoes and teaches Castiel a new skill.

Unfortunately, none of this matters as Castiel isn’t about to go on a date – he’s relegated to babysitter without so much as  a moment’s notice and the baby begins to cry. This is a brilliant parallel between Castiel and the baby as he talks to it about being new to earth and having to adjust and the sad fact that no one understands their pain.

“Heaven Can’t Wait” also introduced us to a new type of angel,  the “Hands of Mercy,” who basically euthanize angels who are fatally wounded on the battlefield. Adjusting to earth, they do not recognize the different types of pain. They simply yearn to end pain and, as a result, end up taking lives.

This is quite interesting as there are several angels that go by this title. I hope this is something that gets developed as it definitely sets a time limit for the Winchesters to find a way to reverse the spell and send all the angels back to where they belong although, according to Crowley, the spell is irreversible.

I’m still skeptical of Ezekiel who didn’t show up at all this episode which was probably wise since Sam was in such close proximity to Crowley. I don’t know why Zeke and Cass are too dangerous together, but I definitely think there’s more going on there than meets the eye.

So what are the boys going to do if they can’t rely on Castiel or Crowley for help, the spell is irreversible, and angels are swarming all over the place?

I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the season to find out.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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