The Grue Crew Episode 2: Memories of a dying generation

Welcome to the second episode of The Grue Crew!

The Grue Crew is a games-focused podcast hosted by that focuses on video games in a broader cultural context. We’ll strive to discuss not only what makes games fun, but what makes the tick and why we find them so fascinating.

In our second episode, with the last of the next generation consoles hitting the streets, we look back and reflect on some of our fondest memories of this now last generation of consoles. Sorry for the delay since episode one, we rushed that one out the door and have been busy in the meantime figuring out a regular schedule, content, technical issues, etc. You can expect us to record more or less on a biweekly schedule going forward.

You can listen to the episode by clicking the play button above or by right-clicking and saving this link. We hope you enjoy the show, and if you do, stayed tuned for future episodes!

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Nick Hahneman

Nick Hahneman

Nick Hahneman

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